Thursday, October 13, 2011

From the horses mouth......

Poor Barb has been left to keep you all updated.  I'm back, well sort of, just a short post!  The discomfort doesn't really allow me to sit for long periods and the past week has been spent doing a lot of lying down and a lot of sleeping.....that can't be bad!

Today was a milestone for me.....I've been downstairs twice, took my first REAL shower and even had my first outing this evening.  A short trek with Rich to the store to pick up a couple of items!  Scared Mary and the ladies at the Art Quilt Club but it was great to see all of them too!  Lisa, Fiona and Carolyn and Mary welcomed me with open arms and I felt the love!

Thank you all for all of your good wishes and prayers, trust me I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for those!  It has kept my spirits high through this whole ordeal and hopefully it will only be uphill from here....the staples come out tomorrow so I am well on my way to a speedy recovery!

I will try to be more diligent with my blogging just to keep you all apprised of my progress if for no other reason.....Last night I even tried doing so hand piecing but the neuropathy (a side effect of the Chemo) is really affecting my fingers so it's very hard to manage too much at a time....again, will keep you posted.

I miss you all and I send all my love to everyone!

Happy Quilting!


Up-Date on Jo-Ann

Hi All,

I thought Jo-Ann would have posted by now but I guess not because many of you have been contacting me directly for information. So I thought I'd better update you.

Jo-Ann was released from hospital last Friday. She's at home a doing well. She tells me she is uncomfortable but not in pain and feeling a little stronger each day.

She hopes to be back in the store by mid-November. I know she appreciates all your comments (I read her the ones on the left after the last blog post) so please feel free to leave one for her. One way or another, I will make sure she hears about them.

I'm sure she'll be along one day soon to post again herself.

Happy Quilting,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today was surgery day ...

Hi All,

As many of you know, today was Jo-Ann's surgery. She had to report to the hospital at 6:00 am today and for anybody who knows her, this is an ungodly hour!

I got a voice mail message from her friend Mucie at about 3:00 pm (of course she called at the only time I was on the phone all day!) to say that Jo-Ann was out of surgery, out of recovery and safely in her room and that the doctor said that he was happy with how the surgery went! GREAT NEWS!!

Jo-Ann just called me a few moments ago. She's not in any pain, I think perhaps because the epidural has not yet worn off. Although she sounded a bit dopey (more so that usual!!), she was in good spirits.

That's all for now. I'll post again if there's anything to report. Or perhaps I'll have her dictate a post for you.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Heroes........

...consist of a group of women who meet monthly in the classroom of Cock A Doodle Quilts!  I am so blessed to have my shop chosen as their home,  They are a great group of talented women who love to quilt and with open hearts continue to make quilts to support our service men and women around the world....

Alison McDonald is their liason to Quilts Of Valour and helps to distribute these quilts to the injured soldiers and their families.   We still call our group Healing Heroes but the quilts ultimately go to the organization known as Quilts Of Valour.

Once in awhile Alison drops by to see us and it's such a treat, and she usually brings treats - today it was Cider Nuggets from a place in Hamilton and I have to say I had my fill - they were cinnamon divine!!!!!

Of course we got to show off a number of quilts that were dropped off at the store for the "Heroes" by Sandra...... 

Alison had mentioned the need for children's quilts the last time she was in so Sandra dropped off two kids quilts that are adorable....

Here's one.....

...and two!
But - she didn't stop there, she also made a few fabulous larger
.....and they all came with matching pillowcases or bags! She's been a busy quilter! .....and then two more from our girls at the store!
 Fabulous colours in both!
 Caught a snap of Alison checking out this one!
 Alison shared one of her own quilts with us - it's an absolutely stunning batik, which she quilted on her long arm of course!  She did an amazing job and is quite an accomplished long-arm quilter - (pick up her card at the front of the store)!
 I'm not sure you can see the quilting and I apologize for that (my lousy camera skills), I should have gotten closer but these days if I don't have to get up I don't! 
For me it was a real treat seeing everyone in the store, the last time I was there for "Heroes" was back in was a real treat for me today! 

If you want to make a quilt for Quilts of Valour - they are looking for lap quilts made from 100% cotton fabrics, including flannels and you can drop the finished quilt at the store anytime, just tell us it's for Healing Heroes, Quilts Of Valour and put a label on the back with your name.

Happy Quilting!