Thursday, January 26, 2012

Join us!!!!

Tomorrow evening is the first 2012 meeting of the Applique Club (or as Jonathan named it - the Applecake Club)!

We call it Applique Club but we've been known to take on some knitting and crocheting, a little beading and hand embellishing as well as english paper piecing, so basically it's the - "as long as there isn't a machine involved" club!!!

Join us for a light dinner and dessert and some great conversation as well as a few laughs......

Hoping to see you there!

Happy Quilting!


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Focus is the "key" word for 2012!  So while I was focussing - 3 weeks went by!  Ahhhhh! but what am I focussing on!  The store and the 300 bolts of additional fabrics that have arrived along with a MEGA sale that is now going on in the store. 

I would love to see it all gone so I can order loads of new stuff!!!! 

I am also focussed on the Newsletter this week!  Last year slowed me down a little so I admit to being a "bit" behind but, we are now all ready to come back and offer a great array of classes for the coming few months and we are already planning for the Spring newsletter as well.....

We are going to try our best to plan far enough ahead that I will "catch up" with what's been falling behind.....

Hopefully you all got the e-mail announcing the sale - it's on until Thursday so you still have a few days to shop!  See you soon!

Happy Quilting!