Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where does the "time" go????

I turn around and the next thing I know it's Saturday morning and I haven't blogged since does that happen? To top it off it's February 28th - where did this month go exactly? I think as we get older "time" (damn 4 letter word) just begins to fly by!!!! I'll never get all those quilts finished I want to do!

Speaking of which - Sandy Lindal's class, Primitive Log Cabin was on Wednesday night and the girls got busy making up those blocks......There's Sandy at the ironing board (probably pressing one of my blocks). In the background you can see some blocks on the design wall....mine are on the left and Carol's are on the right - so very different. Mine is the "traditional" mixed plaids while Carol and Pat are doing kid's quilts - fussy cutting the centres - with great brights surrounding the centre blocks.....I will get close ups at the next class on March 11th.
Barb decided to keep us company and is busy knitting a sock!
There's Libby working diligently.

.....while Ruth, Pat and Carol are busy at their machines. Two of our students were absent for the first class but hopefully will be joining us on March 11th and we'll get to see all the variations.....Since it's my second time taking this class you would think I would get alot done but, alas it will be a miracle if I have time to get any extra blocks done.......
Sandy and I have figured out that at the rate I am going I would probably have to take the class around 30 make 120 blocks for a full size quilt! Okay, that can't be right! Will definitely have to work on that one.....
Since I have been so busy (it's that time of year) with my other office obligations it's been hard for me to keep up with what's happening at the store. I know there are a few new books (will get some pics later today) and there are magazines that have come in including Quilters' Home which is supposedly a very controversial much so that Jo-Ann's Fabrics in the U.S. will not be selling this particular issue. Marc Lipinski definitely moves outside the box in this issue......
The weather is definitely fickle these days - start out at 8 degrees then within minutes drop to -8 degrees and the winds yesterday were unbelievable. Good time to be quilting (it's nice and warm in the store.....).....Today is supposed to be pretty cold too - I'm about to venture out! Hope you all have a great day!
Happy quilting!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Time to catch up......

Yes, I am aware that I have not blogged since "time" (nasty little 4 letter word) flies....and I've been busy!

Friday night was our monthly Sit & Sew Friday and full to the brim. We served comfort food as the weather really required it, so the girls had Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli......
For dessert there was a choice of Cherry or Blueberry Pie and Ice Cream of course......
It was quite a productive evening and I managed to get a picture of Gillian's Asian 1/2 square triangle quilt which she finished putting borders really is a stunner!If you remember from a few days ago..."someone" started a quilt in that new fabric Metro Goes "Au Naturel". There was a bit of trouble with that but with the help of Engineer Carol and friends "someone" should be able to get the blocks started sometime this week! If "someone" can find the "time"!!!!!

Saturday was Block of The Month and it was also a full house - the girls have started their first two blocks of Crystal Reflections/Country Magic and Laurissa brought in the completed quilt (needs binding). Sorry I didn't get pictures but I was off fulfilling other work obligations while Barb slaved away in the kitchen making Chicken Caesar and Garlic Bread.....

Yesterday (Sunday) was a quiet day in the store. Barb and I made plans to go to a Quilt Show.....Karen and Riali Wold opened their Generations show at the Liberty Art Gallery at 1080 St. Clair West yesterday afternoon and it is really amazing......four generations of fibre arts! I did take some pictures......the quilt on the right is one of Karen's and the applique quilt behind Karen and Riali is Riali's......(better picture below).

This is one of Riali's quilts - wonderful thread art here.....she also has a number of smocked pieces and hanging pieces which are indescribably beautiful and which I thought I took pictures of but alas, the girls distracted us and you will just all have to go see the show for yourselves.

Since I don't want to give you the whole show at I only took a couple more pictures. These two "non-political" (ha,ha) statement quilts are Karen's. Barb and I even recognized some of the fabrics - fancy that!
This quilt below is Karen's as well and as she told us it is a very expensive quilt! The original photo was taken on a trip to Italy. When she arrived home she decided it needed to be a quilt but had no idea how to draw the perspective. This resulted in a class at OCAD on drawing perspective which gave her a lovely "little" drawing which of course had to be blown up to size. She took this to Chicago where she took a class with Charlotte Warr Anderson on Landscapes. After collecting all the appropriate fabrics the result is truly wonderful. Kudos Karen! It's one of my favourites!

At least when I take a few days off the blog I still have something to show for it. Barb and I ended up back at my house watching the Oscars last night which I must say was one of the best Oscar Awards I've ever watched....
Today is going to be very busy with everything I have on my list to do so I will stop babbling and get on with it......
Happy Quilting!
Jo-Ann and Barb and the Chicks!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Underground Railroad is on Track!

The first "official" meeting of the UGRC took place last night at the store with an amazing turn out despite the lousy weather. Thank you all for coming!We hope you enjoyed the refreshments as well as the meeting. We have "officially" started 2 groups. A Tuesday evening group which will have the first meeting on March 10th, 2009 and ladies it is full! and a Thursday afternoon group which will meet on March 12th, 2009 - there's still some room!

Nancy - our resident designer - set up an impressive display of books and quilts and everyone seems to have chosen at least one if not two projects. Nancy and I will be very busy the next 3 weeks preparing blocks, lessons, binders and history on all of your choices so we will be ready to get you started on your way to completing these awesome quilts.......

We are absolutely thrilled that The Underground Railroad Club is so popular and for those of you who signed up and could not attend last night's meeting, we will be happy to meet with you and help you choose a project and a meeting time.

Tonight is our Friday night Sit & Sew and as usual we are full to bursting so I am off to the kitchen to prepare dinner (that would be after a day at the office! Ha, ha!).....we also hope to have that luscious new fabric you all got a glimpse of in yesterday's blog and at the store last night, marked and on the floor!

Happy Quilting!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

New stuff and keeping busy.....

It is not that I forget about the blog but some days "time" (you remember - my 4 letter word) runs out and that's exactly what's happened the last two days.

Tuesday was Pam Woodward's "Exercises in Colour" class and it was a wonderful success. For those who missed it, we will be offering it again in the Fall Session. The ladies spent the day and came away with loads of information. The UPS truck arrived in the morning with a big box of fabric. I spent some time in my "hidey hole" and then ran around doing errands. Barb met me at the store around 6:00 P.M. and we planned our upcoming trip to Quilt Market in May. That was exciting and we hope to come back having actually learned something we can share with you all. We'll not only be looking at what's new in the industry, we will also be taking a number of classes and seminars. Since the plan is to drive down - we have also mapped out a number of quilt stores to stop at! What's a road trip without Quilt Stores - and of course we will keep you updated on the trip..... We left the store at 11:00 P.M. and I still had an appointment with the bailiff to do a lock-out! Once I got home it was easy to fall into bed.....

Yesterday was yet another busy day! I spent the morning working on a client's books at home - dropped in at the store and found one of our sales reps (so I bought some more fabric, books and Kathy picked some awesome patterns) and the afternoon at my "other" office sorting through piles of papers (something I have been meaning to do for a month)....and then headed back to the store for the "Shipshewana Club" (I actually started mine - finally!). Again, it was around 11:00 P.M. (we had to search for Barb's keys for awhile) before I headed home. Decided to work on my hand quilting sampler for a while and then went to bed.

So you want to hear about the new fabric! Metro Goes "Au Naturel" by Marcus Brothers. When I saw it I knew we had to have it ------- check it out! The picture does not come even close to doing it will have to come in and visit it (should be marked some time today - the fat quarters are ready for sale)!

This is the free pattern from Marcus Brothers which "someone" (I refuse to say who) will be making up for the store sample.......(the colours seem better in this picture) I seem to still be trying to get the hang of this camera....but like I said you really have to "visit" this fabric to see how gorgeous it is!
I spent most of Shipshewana night cutting it up.......for "someone" to make up the sample!
Tonight is the first meeting of the UGRC (Underground Railroad Club). If you haven't signed up yet call the store - I'm pretty sure there's still some room......see you all there!
Happy Quilting!

Monday, February 16, 2009

We were open today.......

Yes we were open today, no the UPS truck did not show up! I honestly didn't realize everyone was closed today.....and that UPS wasn't working!

I couldn't disappoint the Monday "Sew Many Quilts...." group and it was nice to have everyone there. I even got some work done in the office (store). Spent most of the afternoon in what Gillian calls my "hidey hole". Made some much needed progress on year end stuff, after having lost everything last year to 2 computer crashes. It's slow going but at least it's going.

Gail brought in her Asian Quilt today and it is absolutely breathtaking. She designed this quilt herself with a little help from Nancy and she just got it back from Linda Robertson who did the quilting. She was preparing to bind it today. The fabric is from the Nobu Fujiyama line from Kona Bay and the Geisha was the first in the series from that line. Kudos Gail - you really did a wonderful job!

Tomorrow is Pam's Exercises in Colour class which we have all been looking forward to. If you make it by 10:30 A.M. we'll find a place for you.

Barb is teaching Window Box on Wednesday from 1:00 - 4:30 P.M.. There's plenty of room and it's a great way to learn Paper Piecing. It's also her exclusive design.......On Thursday Judith is teaching Kerry's Big Shirt from 1:00-4:30 P.M. with the follow up class on Thursday February 26th from 1:00-4:30 P.M..

Hope everyone had a great Family Day.

Happy Quilting!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi everyone - Happy Valentine's Day! If you like redwork, Barb made up this sample just in time for the holiday! It's a free pattern from Bird Brain Designs which you can access by going to their website at
Check in their free patterns pages.
Today was very busy at the store with Kathy's Slash Your Stash class and everyone else coming by. No pictures because I am still at odds with my camera and can't tell when it's going to run out of juice! The battery died but the girls did an awesome job and I can't wait to see finished quilts here! They are all so different.......Flo was doing blue and whites, Libby is doing a kids quilt with a "feature" fabric and Janet's is in browns and beiges (batiks, etc.) They will all look amazing when done.

Lately I have been seeing the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials with Albert the Angel cooking up a pasta dish so I went to their website and downloaded Philly Pesto Pasta for lunch - it was fabulous! We all had seconds! Just go to - there are some great recipes.

We are open on Monday in case there was any question! I found out that everyone is closed and I really had no idea that Ontario deemed this a statuatory holiday so......with that in mind I wanted to let you all know we are open! Hope to see you all soon!

Happy Quilting!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Quilting Tip of the Day......

This week has been a bit of a haze for me as I have been suffering with a cold, however, the Nyquil (sp) has finally done it's job and I am on the mend. In my catatonic state I forgot to post a picture of the beautiful gifts I received from the "Monday" girls.

Roses are my favorite flower and these tea roses are really beautiful (hope they will stay alive long enough to get to my garden this spring). The rooster vase and the napkins are a wonderful addition to my "small" collection. The card is absolutely gorgeous (Gail's photography skills at work) and I will cherish it for all the new friends I've made over the past 2-1/2 years. Thank you so, so much for everything.

Now I would like to share with you a product that has been on the market for a few years but one I completely forgot about. The Thread Cutter Pendant.
Quilting Tip of The Day
Quilters love to travel and with all the new security regulations these days it is hard to take "handwork" with you especially on an airplane. You never know what they will confiscate. A good friend of mine was asked to relinquish a pair of small applique scissors the last time she flew and ran back and gave them to her husband as they were a family heirloom. The funny part is she had checked to see if they would be allowed on the plane and was given the okay but when she got there, the security guard she came across was having none of it.
She now travels with the Thread Cutter Pendant which she wears around her neck like a necklace. It works - and when she gets to her destination or home she can trim her ends as close as she likes. It really does look like a pendant and nobody realizes there's a rotary blade in it! I keep one in with my "handwork" because even when travelling by car (not a flyer) I can get some work done (if I'm not driving!).
If you like getting these little tips - please leave a comment on the blog and let us know. I love learning new things and sharing them with you!
By the way - in case you haven't checked we've made some changes to the website. If you have a moment check out our new calendar and our charity work button. We've got some great classes coming up next week and there are still spaces available - Exercises In Colour (Tuesday), Kerry's Big Shirt (Thursday) and on Saturday (tomorrow) Kathy is doing Slash Your Stash - great last minute class if you have the time and the inclination......the more the merrier!
Happy Quilting!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's new......

Wednesday the UPS truck showed up and brought us all kinds of goodies....mostly fabric 6 bolts of Kona Cotton in all new colours and 45 metres of Southern Belle Muslin which you will just have to come in and see!

I also wanted to "hype" the SOAK! I finally tried it the other night on some "unmentionables" and it is fantastic! Works great on delicates and also on quilts and knits. The best part is you don't have to rinse it out. There are 4 or 5 different fragrances as well as an odourless one. Check out the testers in the store!

Last night we did a presentation at Pieceful Nights Quilters Guild and unveiled all of the new fabrics that arrived....we also announced the first meeting of the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD CLUB which will take place on Thursday February 19th, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. - if you are interested please call the store to reserve a space. There is no charge for the first meeting and an e-mail has gone out to everyone so please check your e-mails!

And now.....for the good stuff! Benartex Bali's - an assortment of 30 Batiks that are "to die for"! So hard to show in a photograph and the quality is amazing! I beleive that this is called the Sea and Sand collection. I place fabric orders well in advance of them arriving and sometimes forget what I ordered (which is why I take pictures when I'm there) so I am always surprised and amazed at what comes in.
By the time I got into the store yesterday afternoon, Kathy had already unpacked the boxes and her and Barb where "gushing" over this really cute fabric I had ordered called "Critters". I couldn't remember it and when I saw it I still didn't remember it but I must have been on a roll that day because this stuff is REALLY cute! Kathy is already chomping at the bit to make up a sample, so we'll see what we can come up with! Again, the photo never does it justice.
We've also managed to replenish our thread cabinet and get some other notions in that were missing....but they go so fast! Some of them have been re-ordered already.....If I'm not mistaken there's another shipment on it's way to us so I'll keep you all posted.....

Happy Quilting!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Another year older......

As I have been saying all along - I love Mondays (even though the UPS guy didn't show up at the store) was still an eventful day. Yes, it is my birthday today and I came in for lunch with the "girls"! Kathy made a wonderful meal as you can see below.....

There were also two beautiful cakes (sorry I wasn't taking pictures and we missed that one) - one made by Leanne and the other provided by Sharon. They also got together and gave me a beautiful Rooster vase with tea roses and some rooster napkins....but the piece de resistance was the card which Gail (our wonderful photographer) made and they all signed - had me teary eyed yet again!

Unfortunately I am suffering from a very bad cold which my son was kind enough to share with me (he also gave away my Nyquil last night to his sick friend and will never live it down) so I am not in very good form and was unable to stay for too long (didn't want to infect everyone either!)......

I will however share all the projects they are working on....Below is Gillian's asian half square triangles which you have seen progress over the past few weeks...she's really getting it done!
This is Leanne's "scrap" quilt and I believe it is a raffle quilt for a school. It is absolutely stunning. Wish I could remember what book it's from (they told me a couple of times now but my brain is mush - from the cold of course!)
Kathy is holding up her Saturday Sampler quilt from a few years ago which has 9 blocks done and 3 to go. I was really impressed with this one and it really comes together with her choice of sashing. We both agreed that they are not our usual colours so that makes it even more impressive.....
I would like to thank all of the "girls" for the lovely lunch and gifts and having read the card you all signed I would like you to know that you have all made a huge difference in my life as well.....I do love Mondays! (and I promise not to kill Barb.....!!!)

Now, yesterday's class! It was great - (I didn't get a full day of it because I had to attend to a"mother" issue, however, we did get something done!) Elaine showed us her scrappy blocks which she rearranged a few times on the design wall to show us how many different settings there can be with this pattern...

Libby is busy at the cutting table and Barb is working the Half-Square triangle assembly line with Thangles (boy do they come in handy for this quilt!) Of course Libby came prepared with all her strips cut while we (Barb and I) hadn't decided what fabrics to use. I gave Barb Carte Blanche (I am so dumb!) and we are doing Black, White and Lime.....okay I love it!

I was put on block assembly and got these four blocks done (which someone keeps rearranging - Elaine get away from the design wall...)

I like it this way and Libby has one block done which is absolutely awesome in Pinks and Chocolate Browns.......

Now Libby is up to three blocks - it is really going to be stunning!

We managed to finish 6 blocks (only 114 to go for the lapsize!) I think that's what Barb said - 120 blocks for a lap.......okay well this is a joint project so we may actually finish it (and you can use Strip Its! for this pattern too! I'm really obsessed with those Strip Its!)
We had a fabulous time and we ordered Pizza (I wanted to quilt not cook and with my cold I figured everyone would be safer if I stayed away from the food!)

I was so inspired I went home and did some work on Country Haven - almost ready for the update picture!

Happy Quilting!



Today is Jo-Ann's birthday. She'll probably kill me for telling you but what the heck! I'll take my chances! :-)

Feel free to send her your best wishes by leaving a comment here. I know that she will appreciate it .... while she is killing me!!

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I promised you.....

I promised you a picture of what Barb is working here it is! She says she loves doing this because you don't have to match anything! It really looks awesome but hard to see here because the fabric is very dark. She is going to make a lap quilt for our Healing Heroes!

One of her favourite tools for sewing curves - That Purple Thang! Here she's easing the fabric through with the help of the Thang!

A few months ago we received a book called Dream Landscapes and I challenged Mary to do one of the projects.....this is the result! It is absolutely stunning and I believe we will be having a techniques class in the Spring/Summer for this....She only has to finish the binding - I'm not sure if she's completed the embellishments yet but you really have to come in and see this one up close!

Barb and I have commited to do the Split Nine Patch class today at the store with Elaine. We have decided to work with the same fabrics in order to make one whole quilt (it's called pooling your resources). That way we will not end up with yet another project we have both started with no hope of finishing! This quilt is also destined for the Healing Heroes! I'll post some pictures later....
Happy Quilting!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More new stuff.....

I dropped into the store yesterday to say "hi" and pick up some stuff and found a small package of fabric that came in......These three Japanese fabrics - somewhat like Sashiko patterned navys which are really nice. (Of course their nice I ordered them!) Anyway they are priced and on the shelves....

I have a funny feeling Monday is going to get us a whole lot of new stuff! We sent a couple of orders in last week and we are waiting with bated breath to see when they get here......usually Monday!

I thought I would share an idea I came up with when asked by a customer how to practice machine quilting. The first idea is to make a flannel rag quilt. If you've never done one, now's the time. Each block is quilted separately and then all the blocks are sewn together. Because you are quilting each block separately you have the opportunity to vary your designs and really get a feel for your machine and it's capabilities. It gives you the practice you need for tension and control while you are machine quilting. We carry a number of Patsy Thompson's DVD's and they are not only helpful but inspiring. If you are just starting out then Free and Easy is one of the best DVD's I've seen and I will admit that it got me back into Machine Quilting.

Another idea is to use the Batting Buddy - a tool which we also carry and working on the same premise as the rag quilts, make a two colour quilt which again will give you the opportunity to quilt one block at a time in any design you choose.

Of course the best way to learn techniques is to take a Machine Quilting class and Carolyn Flood teaches a great class. A direct quote from one of her students in the last class was just before we served lunch that day and she said, " I've already gotten my money's worth!".......The class will be offered again in the Spring/Summer newsletter.

Barb and I got down to business last night! We (I) decided that we should quilt at my house (no pics - it's a mess!) so that I could get some cutting done on Country Haven and maybe even do some blocks.....which I did, I got 6 more blocks cut and ready to go and pieced 2 more blocks. Barb is working on circle blocks - she's doing a quilt for Healing Heroes which meets at the store the first Saturday of the month (that's today and they are there right now!). It is really going to be awesome - I am going over to take a picture I will definitely give you a look! In the meantime,

Happy Quilting!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm back.....

Didn't mean to miss two days of blogging but "time" (my four letter word) ran away....literally. I have been feverishly working on something I have a deadline for (Friday actually) and I have been focused (unlike me) on that and only that.

First I would like to remind everyone that Split Nine Patch is this Sunday. There are a few spots left in this class with Elaine and it's an amazing way to use up scraps of fabric. Barb and I have just decided we are going to take the class (I need another project!?!) if not to do a whole quilt then to at least learn a new technique......we can always do Preemie Quilts with the blocks when we're done but I think this one is worth a "whole" quilt, and eventually it may become one! I certainly have enough scraps to do something......

In addition to that - The Underground Railroad Club will be starting shortly. An e-mail will be going out this weekend to announce the February date and all the fun stuff we are going to do.....I'm really excited about this one and getting antsy to start the TWO quilts I want to do (more projects......unbeleiveable!)

I have to get back to that "deadline" thing so I will leave you with yet another reminder...Healing Heroes meets this Saturday and although Virginia and the usual "culprits" are off somewhere doing a workshop - there are still quilts to be made and anyone wishing to participate is welcome. Bring a lunch, snacks and drinks are on tap.

Happy Quilting!


Monday, February 2, 2009

One of those Mondays.......

I got a call from Barb this morning around 10:30 A.M. to say she had just woken up and was getting ready to leave. I called the store and Judith was at the back door receiving a shipment! Panic sets in because it's Monday Sit & Sew and I say I'll be right over. Throw clothes on and figure there's coffee at the store so I can live until I get there.......this is what I walk into!
Okay - not so bad! Only 6 large boxes and a few bolts of fabric....I need a coffee! So, I go to do a head count to make sure I have enough food for lunch and I grab a coffee and yeuch!!!!

Poor Judith now has to listen to me complain about her coffee! Why is it so vile? Turns out she decided to use what she thought was a new brand of coffee we had open.....decaf!!!! Okay there's a remedy here - I will go make a fresh pot of REAL coffee! Go to the coffee machine and the basket's missing - hmmmm, not in the sink? Okay check the garbage and lo and behold the basket is there! I'm not the only one having a bad day (Judith's watch battery stopped at 8:25 A.M. and her day was going as good as mine....)

While I'm waiting for coffee I start peeking into boxes.....batting, whopee! and pins and rotary blades and all kinds of good stuff! Well that makes the day look a little I go and do another head count to make sure I have enough food for lunch! (Hmmm, did that already!)
So Barb shows up and we have coffee - both of us moving a little on the slow side (yesterday was a very busy day and by the time we left the store it was 1:00 A.M.) People are asking me questions and I'm answering but not sure what I'm saying....Barking orders at Judith (so unlike me-really!) but smiling sort of!
Go and do another head count to see if I have enough food for lunch!

Finally, go and get lunch ready and guess what - literally had just enough for lunch! The girls had the left overs from last night or as Barb said her friends mother used to say "We're having mustgos for dinner!" (Everything in the fridge that "must go"!) Sloppy Joes, cole slaw and potato salad (for those who want to know - the recipe was posted yesterday...) We scraped the pot for lunch so Barb ran out to get Judith, her and I something from Tim Horton's......which we added to the cole slaw....There was plenty of marble cake though!

So I started unpacking the order and wow did I make a mess! We got some more Wide Back fabrics in pale pink, green and's hard to see the pattern but very soft and pretty.....

We also got a load of notions in. Bead/Embroidery needles, Safety Pins, Pins, Quilting Gloves, Beeswax, Rotary Blades, Hand Quilting Thread, and one of my favourite hand sewing/piecing/appliqueing/quilting tools - The Desktop Needle Threader....if you do any handwork this is absolutely the best tool ever made.... We also got in the Grippers! The large Gypsy Gripper and the small Gypsy Gripper - just ask Barb to show you the "phone" (I almost got a pic of her answering the Gypsy Gripper but she was too quick - once you see it you will definitely understand) I also got an e-mail from my supplier that there are 30 new batiks on their way along with some more tone on tones in black! Turned out to be a pretty good day and we only had to stay until 8:00 P.M. to get it all marked!

Oh yeah! and I saved the best for last - the batting finally arrived! We also have black batting! Can't seem to get ahead of the batting - so we will be ordering more today.....gonna try to go get something done at home now!

Happy Quilting!



First of all I have to admit that I missed a day of blogging! I had every intention of doing it last night but....after we closed at the store I had to do some food shopping for today's dinner and the house. I got the food shopping done and made it home around 7:30 P.M., I made dinner and suddenly felt horrible! Dizzy, nauseous, headachey! Decided to go lie down around 8:15 P.M. and never got up again until this morning but I sure felt better!


The girls, Nancy, Mary and Barb started cutting fabric at 11:01 A.M. this morning and didn't get a break until 5:00 P.M.. In the meantime I was in the back most of the day getting dinner ready for our Super Bolt Sunday Sit & Sew. The entrance fee was 3 non-perishable food items and below is what we collected. It may not look like much but those bags are pretty full and they go back about 3 feet.


Not only did the Sit & Sew participants contribute to this "haul" but some of our customers brought in stuff too! Barb and I will be delivering it to our local Fire Hall tomorrow - thanks again!

In honour of the Super Bowl today (by the way Pittsburgh won 27-23! In case you are interested!) we had our own Super Bowl Fare. Sloppy Joes with homemade Cole Slaw and Potato Salad. I was asked for the Potato Salad Recipe so get a pen and paper ready.

Jo-Ann's Potato Salad
1 - 5 Lb. bag small potatoes 1 green pepper
1 red pepper 1/2 red onion
fresh dill 2 tbsp. French's Mustard
1/2 - 3/4 cup Hellman's Mayonaise Salt & Pepper to taste
Wash potatoes, do not remove skins. Boil potatoes until firm. Let cool, cut into 1/4's. Cut up green pepper and red pepper into small chunks, add to potatoes. Dice 1/2 onion and add to potato mixture. Chop fress dill (about 4 - 6 sprigs), add to potato mixture. In bowl mix mustard and mayonaise, poor into potato mixture. Mix everything together until well coated. Add salt and pepper to taste. Chill for 3 hours and serve.
Dessert was marble cake with chocolate icing and Janet donated a Zuchinni/Pumpkin loaf which disappeared very quickly......

As usual, the girls got busy after dinner. Elaine is measuring a border, Marlene is getting ready to cut some fabric and Janet and Libby are in the background hanging her current project on the design wall with Gillian egging them on.
Everyone on this side of the room is very industrious. Elizabeth is pressing while Chris and Myrna are sewing away on 1/2 square triangles for an absolutely gorgeous quilt (hopefully once it's done they will bring it by so we can get a picture of it).

Judy (back to us) is busy working on her challenge quilt for the Mississauga Guild. We can't show it to you - it's a challenge, but we know it will be utterly amazing!

In the meantime all throughout the night Barb is still cutting fabric for everyone (and a little for a store project too!). She didn't sit down all day! (Except to eat dinner).
Gillian got busy squaring up a quilt to put binding on as soon as the table was free while Marian and Elaine had a fabric swap or fabric return - I got a little confused on that one.
After Elaine finished putting borders on a quilt (I didn't get a picture but it was a gorgeous red and green quilt), she started on this "little" project. Okay - who cut all those black & whites???? into all those little pieces......Marian is next to her working on a red & white which is going to be spectacular (I love red and white). She says it's a 12 Step program and she was on Step 8......sorry no pic! Maybe Elaine got one - check her blog www.livejournal/ .
This is what Elizabeth was so busy working on, a Japanese themed quilt for her son which she got gorgeous backing for tonight....
Elaine and I had to get the picture of Marlene's travelling gear - it was all packed up and ready to roll.......the girls slowly started to dwindle out the door at around 10:00 P.M. with Barb and I calling it a night around midnight!

As tired as I am at the end of one of these evenings it is truly gratifying to know that a good time was had by all and thank you Gillian for doing KP duty tonight (when I asked what she was doing in MY kitchen - she told me to mind my own business and go I went and had another piece of cake!).....
Thank you all for a wonderful day and a great evening! I got a Quilt Patis flower done for a project I am not even going to show you....because I have so many on the go you will just get confused???!!! (What happened to finishing one quilt at a time -----nevermind! or as Gillian says "mind your own business"!) I'm off to bed now!
Happy Quilting!