Sunday, February 8, 2009

I promised you.....

I promised you a picture of what Barb is working here it is! She says she loves doing this because you don't have to match anything! It really looks awesome but hard to see here because the fabric is very dark. She is going to make a lap quilt for our Healing Heroes!

One of her favourite tools for sewing curves - That Purple Thang! Here she's easing the fabric through with the help of the Thang!

A few months ago we received a book called Dream Landscapes and I challenged Mary to do one of the projects.....this is the result! It is absolutely stunning and I believe we will be having a techniques class in the Spring/Summer for this....She only has to finish the binding - I'm not sure if she's completed the embellishments yet but you really have to come in and see this one up close!

Barb and I have commited to do the Split Nine Patch class today at the store with Elaine. We have decided to work with the same fabrics in order to make one whole quilt (it's called pooling your resources). That way we will not end up with yet another project we have both started with no hope of finishing! This quilt is also destined for the Healing Heroes! I'll post some pictures later....
Happy Quilting!

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