Saturday, February 7, 2009

More new stuff.....

I dropped into the store yesterday to say "hi" and pick up some stuff and found a small package of fabric that came in......These three Japanese fabrics - somewhat like Sashiko patterned navys which are really nice. (Of course their nice I ordered them!) Anyway they are priced and on the shelves....

I have a funny feeling Monday is going to get us a whole lot of new stuff! We sent a couple of orders in last week and we are waiting with bated breath to see when they get here......usually Monday!

I thought I would share an idea I came up with when asked by a customer how to practice machine quilting. The first idea is to make a flannel rag quilt. If you've never done one, now's the time. Each block is quilted separately and then all the blocks are sewn together. Because you are quilting each block separately you have the opportunity to vary your designs and really get a feel for your machine and it's capabilities. It gives you the practice you need for tension and control while you are machine quilting. We carry a number of Patsy Thompson's DVD's and they are not only helpful but inspiring. If you are just starting out then Free and Easy is one of the best DVD's I've seen and I will admit that it got me back into Machine Quilting.

Another idea is to use the Batting Buddy - a tool which we also carry and working on the same premise as the rag quilts, make a two colour quilt which again will give you the opportunity to quilt one block at a time in any design you choose.

Of course the best way to learn techniques is to take a Machine Quilting class and Carolyn Flood teaches a great class. A direct quote from one of her students in the last class was just before we served lunch that day and she said, " I've already gotten my money's worth!".......The class will be offered again in the Spring/Summer newsletter.

Barb and I got down to business last night! We (I) decided that we should quilt at my house (no pics - it's a mess!) so that I could get some cutting done on Country Haven and maybe even do some blocks.....which I did, I got 6 more blocks cut and ready to go and pieced 2 more blocks. Barb is working on circle blocks - she's doing a quilt for Healing Heroes which meets at the store the first Saturday of the month (that's today and they are there right now!). It is really going to be awesome - I am going over to take a picture I will definitely give you a look! In the meantime,

Happy Quilting!


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