Sunday, April 25, 2010

Way cool!!!!!

So there I was, in the back, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing, cleaning and organizing my office when Libby (who had popped in for pink fabrics! - What is she making NOW!?!) came back to tell me to come into the store and bring the camera!

Okay - was wondering what to blog about!?! today! 

Patty - a High School principal was in buying backing for a quilt!  Not just any quilt mind you. (Every quilt has a story - which is why we have to label our quilts, but that's another blog for another day!)  She calls this "The Inclusion Quilt" - it is made from the bandanas (gang colours) she has confiscated!  They are 100% cotton and this quilt is AWESOME!
She chose a bright orange backing and binding and promised to bring it in when it's completed!  Her son asked if he could have it when he goes off to university next year but she has other plans for this quilt.

She's going to donate it to the Police Department's Gang Unit to raise funds for their youth programs against gangs.  What a cool idea!  It was sure worth coming out of the back office for this photo-op......

Quilters are an amazing bunch of people!

Happy Quilting,


Lots accomplished!

I feel like I had two "Elaine" days in a row!  What is an "Elaine" day, it's one where you accomplish a whole lot of stuff in one single day (when I read Elaine's blog, I am exhausted by all that she accomplishes in a day).

I just got home about 15 minutes ago (it's 2:29 A.M.) after spending the evening quilting with friends.  We decided to quilt at the store because of the space (we can just spread out) and the lighting in the classroom is great!  I managed to almost finish the borders on the mystery quilt - sorry no picture yet! 

We went for dinner first at Zets (Dixon Road across from the airport) and had a fabulous meal.  Barb had the Chicken Souvlaki Dinner (delicious!), while Libby, Suzi and I had Fish & Chips (fabulous!), they still make those delicious homemade fries!  Then off to pick up our quilting gear and meet at the store.

Libby was quilting this adorable Mushroom Quilt - she wouldn't let me take a picture until she finishes, probably tomorrow!  That's okay because it is destined to hang in the store for a bit - it's a free pattern we'll be giving out!

Suzi finished the Circles tablerunner top, she took Elaine's class in February and it is stunning......It's really hard to see how gorgeous this is from the picture, but trust me - it's gorgeous!
I can't believe the amount of quilting I've been able to do in the past two days!  Finishing the Red Work top yesterday and now very close to completing the Mystery Quilt top too!  Plus - I even did some hand applique last night while I was watching The Bridge....and I put a huge dent in the organization of all the paperwork in my office.  I actually spent close to 8 hours today just sorting through all the paperwork!  I cleaned off one of two yes, I had an "Elaine" day, in fact two in a row and I think I'm going to go for a third.......What can I say - she inspires me while at the same time exhausting me!  I think she says - "Prioritze, Focus, Win!" and it works!

Barb suggested I give you "real" pics of the new fabrics we got in last week (because I actually only showed you bolt ends in the picture I first posted).  She's got some kind of quilty idea brewing and she wants to make sure everyone sees this fabric before it disappears......

First, the Trains.......

Then the planes......hmmm, I don't see the A380 Airbus there.....

Then the motorcycles.......choppers I think!

...and last the streaks?!?!

She is right, the picture I posted does not show you how great these fabrics are!  Can't wait to see what she has in mind for these!

On that note - I better get myself off to bed or I won't accomplish anything tomorrow.......

Happy Quilting!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

You will not be disappointed......

It's pretty late but I just got home from the store where the Applique Club met tonight (or as my son calls it the Apple Cake Club).  I actually served Apple Cake tonight - how appropriate!

Everyone was very busy and I was still working on the Red Work Quilt and without further suspense I will show you blocks 7 -12!

Block 7

Block 8
Block 9
Block 10
Block 11
and finally Block 12!

....after I finished putting on all the sashing and corner squares, Nancy gave me a break and did the 1 inch inner border......(she was allowed to work on "Sonia" - a first for both of them but I think they worked very well together!)

Then I was determined to complete the outside border and get a picture of the final quilt top - of course I had to take a break at 10:00 P.M. to watch my favourite show - The Bridge, so I did a little applique while it was on, but then went back and finished it!  Here it is!  You all realize I hope, that this Red Work is from a pre-printed panel that we have in the store - Sharon made it come alive on the fabric with her stitching, I designed (well how hard was that really??!!) and made the quilt top and Nancy and I finished the borders - all from fabrics we have in the store...... I am really pleased with it! 

I think I'll call Linda (Robertson) tomorrow and see if she can fit me in to her busy quilting schedule - this quilt deserves a professional's touch!  (Besides, it's an excuse for me to get a visit in with Bosley - whom I miss terribly!  However, I hear from "my" customers that he's doing great and loves his new home!)

Since I got home so late - I decided not to leave you all in suspense but now I am off to bed!

Happy Quilting!


Friday, April 23, 2010

I promised.......

to show you Sharon's blocks, but before I do that - today was our "New" Thursday Sit & Sew (we started this in January and we are already filling up the spaces available).  It works the same way as the Monday Sit & Sew and yes - lunch is served (with a smile sometimes!)!

Linda shared her Turning Twenty quilt with us, she was stitching on her binding.  It is done in Orientals and it really looks awesome!  She fussy cut the Koi Fish and they appear throughout the quilt.....really cool!

But what was more fun was watching and listening to Rosalie, Helen and Raili while they worked on their Border Creek Mystery Quilt.  Wondering out loud what the next clue is - and why there is a space in the middle of the applique block and trying to get "a clue" from me!  As if!

Raili is sitting here with Linda as they try to sort out the blocks she's done and what happened to baggie B and she gave Karen 30 blocks because she thought she had too many and maybe that was baggie B......etc....
Linda is trying to hold back from just taking it all over and organizing it for you can see why!  All I can say is - have fun!  ...and I don't think Raili is doing the applique part!?!?!

It was a busy day at the store and it didn't die down because Elaine came in to teach Machine Applique.  From what I could see and hear, the girls really learned alot and they had a great time!  Wish I had taken that class - always need to brush up, but I was busy doing something else......Here they are getting some first hand tips from the pro.....

So what was I busy with?????  I was putting the Red Work blocks into a quilt top!  It is coming out stunning!  I will show it to you once it's done but first I will share the first 6 blocks of the quilt.

Sharon has done some exquisite work on these blocks and they deserve to be featured individually......

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

and Block 6

Her stitching is so wonderful (if you want to see them up close, just click on the picture and it will get bigger) and I will have 6 more blocks to share as well as the quilt top tomorrow I hope.....I was almost finished the 3rd row when "Sonia" (my Janome) suddenly decided she doesn't work overtime!  She's very sensitive and decided she needed to be that time Elaine was winding up the class and Barb had come by to visit so we decided to go grab a bite to eat.  I thought I'd come back and finish up but it was 11:30 P.M. by the time we got back to the store......I gave Sonia a quick cleaning, checked to see if she would stitch properly and then decided she was right and called it a night.....

I'm actually going to go straight to bed as soon as I sign off - that way I know I will be able to get back to work on that quilt in the morning.....

Goodnight and Happy Quilting!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's happening????

There are no pictures today!  We just had brainstorms and cut fabric....

Sharon brought in her completed Red Work Panel yesterday and Kathy and I figured out all the measurements for the quilt and cut the blocks, etc.  (Ithink we may have to beg Sharon to do a Red Work Class - wait until you see her stitching!)  Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow to get the top put together.....then I'll have at least one picture!

"Kat"-hy came up with this fabulous idea!  We're going to start a Cat Club!  There are so many of you (including myself) who own cats and are cat lovers that I know you all want to know whenever something comes in relating to cats!  I think it would be fun and we can even get together to do some of the projects!  What do you think about that idea?  I thought it was pretty darn good!

Since I'm supposed to be at home finishing up the mystery quilt - I am going to get the heck outta here!  (Especially since I have to be here late tomorrow night because Elaine is teaching the Machine Applique workshop - there are a couple of spaces left but the class is pretty full - check your schedule if you're interested!)

Also - just a reminder, (because Elaine DID NOT DO A SAMPLE!!!!!)  Wisteria Lane is on May 2nd.  I will post a picture tomorrow because I don't have the book handy......

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is a "personal" day....

Today turned out to be a "personal" day!  I finally got to spend a little time with "my baby"!  If you remember my Godson Oren had a baby last November and it's been months since I've seen him - Shai is 5-1/2 months old and you could just eat him up!
He showed up with his Daddy and my "bestest " friend, his grandma (Bubby), Mucie and I just couldn't get enough of him......
We pulled out the Big Dog Rag Quilt and laid it on the floor for him (it now belongs to Shai) and he was in heaven.......
I didn't realize how really big that quilt is - he'll grow into it - it will make a great play mat! When we made the sample for the store from baby flannellette we used a Simplicity pattern I got at the F-Store (Fabricland).  We were really trying to showcase the flannel and it really did turn out great!  Nice to know that it found a good home!

"Uncle" Jonathan dropped by to see Shai too, so it was a real family affair! 
...and the 3 boys, Oren (Daddy), Jonathan and Shai had to ham it up!
Bubby Mucie also got some love too! ....and too soon they left!  Hopefully they will be back soon....
Being an "only" child, Mucie is the closest thing I have to a sister - we have known each other for close to 40 years (ugh - we knew each other in the womb, okay!)so we consider ourselves family.  It's nice when you can "pick" your family - I got to pick the best of the best!

Now, back to business!  Last night or should I say this morning as it was 3:00 A.M. by the time I finished, I went home to make my blocks for the guild exchange I am involved in.  I got home around 8:00 P.M. and was distracted until after 11:00 P.M. so it didn't really take all that long but I wanted to share these blocks.....
They are foundation pieced!  So what's so special!  As is my way - I always leave things until the last minute, (ADHD) and I work well under pressure!  Ha, ha!  I have been dying to try these two "new" products we got in the store.

The first one is the EQ6 Program - Town & Country Patchwork which has paper piecing patterns by Cori Derksen & Myra Harder.  I have always wanted to do houses in a quilt - possibly design my own and have collected patterns and books over the years but never got around to doing anything.  This was great - pop in the CD, pick the blocks you want to do, print the paper piecing pattern and voila - you are on your way!

The second product I wanted to try were the EQ Printable Foundation Sheets.
Wow - I love them!  You get 25 sheets in a pack and they are great with the Ink Jet printer, you can tear away (easily) or leave them in (they are soft), you can see through them for fabric placement, and unlike paper, they won't dull your machine needles.

Although I ended up working really late last night I have to say it was a very enjoyable process!  I highly recommend the Foundation Sheets and I really enjoyed the computer program.  Will have to try the others soon too!

Tonight I will have the pleasure of listening to a fabulous and talented artist, Laurie Swim, who will be speaking at our monthly guild meeting and then I am home to (hopefully) work on my Mystery quilt - or alternatively, get some MUCH needed sleep!

Happy Quilting!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a quick update....

When you do three blogs in one day you just can't remember everything......At the Christmas Club on Saturday I took pictures of all of the fabulous house blocks that were "homework" from last month, however, I did forget one of the students' contributions.

Liz decided that since she couldn't get the block done in time for the class and she knew I was the "substitute" teacher to try a bribe - so below you will see Liz's "block" replacement......

It worked because I gave her a "PASS"!  (I don't know that Elaine would have appreciated this "bribe" as much as I do! Ha, ha!)

You all know I love Sit & Sew on Mondays because I get to see what everyone is working on......well, most of them are working on their Border Creek Mystery quilts and doing a fabulous job!  I won't show you their progress because we are planning a BIG Reveal Party for the fall and I think that it should wait until then.....however, not everyone is doing the mystery.

Stefanie is doing an absolutely gorgeous sampler quilt and she's piecing it by hand, check this out!

I think this is just stunning - she's going to make a slight alteration to the block in the lower right hand corner but otherwise we all agreed it is beautiful!

...and Dorothy is doing one of the Lazy Girl patterns - I think it's one she found free on the fabrics!

I may need to stop blogging about "new" stuff in the store!?!?  The Garden Cat patterns are almost gone - not to worry - we've placed another order and there are more on the way, including two new ones that we didn't have before.  I'll be sure to let you know.....

I am off to get some work done on that Mystery Quilt (for April 30th) and it is just coming out fabulous!  I am so pleased with my fabric choices!  I can't wait to show it to you!  Mark your calendar - I'll try to get it on the blog on the'll all be very surprised!

Speaking of which I am going home now to finish the top, put on the borders and make up the back so I can quilt it......but not until after I finish my blocks for the block exchange at the York Heritage Quilters Guild which are due tomorrow you see why I get no sleep!

Happy Quilting!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

A treat for the soul.......

What is better than a quilting retreat?????  As far as I am concerned - nothing!  The Mississauga Quilter's Guild holds their annual quilting retreat at the Notawasaga Inn in Cookstown every April and Barb and I were fortunate enough to be invited to join them for the evening last night, dinner and some great fun!

37 women all in one room - quilting, and they each had their own table/station with loads of room to spare it seems!

The room is huge and everyone is spread out, the hotel provides all the food (breakfast, lunch and dinners) for the duration and as many irons and ironing boards as you need......plnty from what I could see - there were at least 8 ironing stations!

Here's a look at what everyone was working names, just projects, we aim to protect those going home with UFO's -

That is really just a small collection of what was being accomplished at this retreat!  It was so wonderful to see what everyone was working on........and how industrious everyone was!  I even brought some hand applique that I was working on.......

We were then treated to a wonderful presentation by Pat Castonguay - Four generations of quilts.  Pat just inherited some quilts handed down through her family and she was very kind in sharing with us all.....

This is actually a crocheted piece she made.......

There were some really fabulous quilts in her "stash" - some are just tops (which she has to finish - ha, ha!)

...and then there was Show and Share, 

That's Barb's finger - showing you the size of the hand painted spools that one of the members brought along for show and share........

What was the reason for this quick trip north for the evening.....?  One of the ladies who organized this great retreat thought it might be a great idea for Cock A Doodle to organize one of these retreats!  They really wanted us to see first hand what it was like!  I am almost convinced!  Some time in the "near" future we will be mailing out a Survey/Questionnaire to see if there is enough interest in something like this.......all I ask is that you answer us truthfully so that we can possibly plan a "Get-Away" that everyone will want to be a part of......

By the way - I have to admit it was really nice having someone cook for me for a change - I could get used to that!  I had the Prime Rib and Barb had the Chicken and dinner was quite nice!  I understand they do buffet for breakfasts and sure sounds good!  We will keep you posted once we get those Questionnaires back and tally all the Pros and Cons!

Happy Quilting!


P.S.  This is the 3rd Instalment of three today - hope you enjoyed all the info!