Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday already!

I have to say I've had a pretty productive week, unfortunately it wasn't quilting productivity!  I am still cleaning up paperwork from my old office but at least I can see a light - not sure I'm any where near the "end" of the proverbial tunnel but there does seem to be a small window along the way!

We've been getting all these "small" packages this week, the postman has been showing up in the middle of the day and dropping off all kinds of goodies!  The Soft Fuse has arrived for those who have been waiting, however, only the package goods - the bolt seems to be somewhere on a postal truck looking for it's home!  Hopefully it will arrive early next week!

We received some "repeat" patterns from Pacific Rim - Bird of Paradise and Herd of Turtles.....

...and some new patterns too!

Penguin Family,


and Butterflies!

They are all "Two Fabric Quilts" and are done in reverse applique.  We haven't told Laurissa that they are in yet - she'll be snatching them up and doing classes!  Nothing wrong with that, but, I think she's almost done her Baltimore Album (classes coming in the fall) so I want her to be able to concentrate!

No sooner did these patterns arrive then another package came from my friend Debbe at Critter Pattern Works - "repeats" but good ones for sure!  Everyone asks for the Woolly Sheep that hangs near the front door -
That pattern is back in stock.......

.....and the Rabbits behind the cash desk,

that pattern is back in stock.......

and for all you Cat Lovers........

Long haired cats is back!

You have also been asking about that adorable wall hanging which was hanging on the clothes line behind the cash!

.....Eggplant Purrmesan, which had a sign that said COMING SOON!

Well, SOON has arrived along with a bunch of other patterns........

Eggplant Purrmesan and Gourdo Gato,

Caulipuss and Yammy Cat,

and last but not at all least - Avocato and Kitt'ney Bean!
There are more in the series and they will be coming soon too!

Another great pattern from Helene Knotts cats is Let Sleeping Cats Lie and we've got a few of those in too!  Sharon is busy working on this one so hopefully we'll have a sample soon!  (She's also busy doing a Redwork Panel Quilt which I think she will be completing first! Stay tuned!)

I think that about wraps up what's new this week - but I do know there is a whole lot of fabric which left the warehouse destined for Cock A Doodle today.......we should see it some time next week along with a whole lot of other stuff!

Come by the store and see what's new - have a cup of coffee or tea and plan a little hand stitching for that upcoming outside weather......

Happy Quilting!


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