Saturday, April 3, 2010

Healing Heroes!

Today is the first Saturday of the month and that day is dedicated to the Healing Heroes group at Cock A Doodle Quilts.  I can't say enough about these women!  They come together once a month and produce amazing quilts to be passed on to our men and women in service through Quilts of Valour.  I can only show you how hard they work - it was so wonderful to come in today (I was late - as usual) and see them all hard at work -
Cutting , hand piecing and machine piecing.......

Busy, busy, busy.........

Looking for fabrics in all the donated boxes of fabrics.....

And never short of finished quilts - here are four more that are being sent out.......

Quilt # 1

Quilt # 2 (I took that one too quick...)

Quilt # 3

and Quilt #4

Each one different and all amazing!  The service men and women really do appreciate their efforts!  If you have quilts (lap size, non-politically themed) that you would like to donate, just come by and drop them at the store or call first and we'll put you in touch with one of these wonderful women.

Happy Quilting!


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