Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a quick update....

When you do three blogs in one day you just can't remember everything......At the Christmas Club on Saturday I took pictures of all of the fabulous house blocks that were "homework" from last month, however, I did forget one of the students' contributions.

Liz decided that since she couldn't get the block done in time for the class and she knew I was the "substitute" teacher to try a bribe - so below you will see Liz's "block" replacement......

It worked because I gave her a "PASS"!  (I don't know that Elaine would have appreciated this "bribe" as much as I do! Ha, ha!)

You all know I love Sit & Sew on Mondays because I get to see what everyone is working on......well, most of them are working on their Border Creek Mystery quilts and doing a fabulous job!  I won't show you their progress because we are planning a BIG Reveal Party for the fall and I think that it should wait until then.....however, not everyone is doing the mystery.

Stefanie is doing an absolutely gorgeous sampler quilt and she's piecing it by hand, check this out!

I think this is just stunning - she's going to make a slight alteration to the block in the lower right hand corner but otherwise we all agreed it is beautiful!

...and Dorothy is doing one of the Lazy Girl patterns - I think it's one she found free on the fabrics!

I may need to stop blogging about "new" stuff in the store!?!?  The Garden Cat patterns are almost gone - not to worry - we've placed another order and there are more on the way, including two new ones that we didn't have before.  I'll be sure to let you know.....

I am off to get some work done on that Mystery Quilt (for April 30th) and it is just coming out fabulous!  I am so pleased with my fabric choices!  I can't wait to show it to you!  Mark your calendar - I'll try to get it on the blog on the'll all be very surprised!

Speaking of which I am going home now to finish the top, put on the borders and make up the back so I can quilt it......but not until after I finish my blocks for the block exchange at the York Heritage Quilters Guild which are due tomorrow you see why I get no sleep!

Happy Quilting!


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