Saturday, April 24, 2010

You will not be disappointed......

It's pretty late but I just got home from the store where the Applique Club met tonight (or as my son calls it the Apple Cake Club).  I actually served Apple Cake tonight - how appropriate!

Everyone was very busy and I was still working on the Red Work Quilt and without further suspense I will show you blocks 7 -12!

Block 7

Block 8
Block 9
Block 10
Block 11
and finally Block 12!

....after I finished putting on all the sashing and corner squares, Nancy gave me a break and did the 1 inch inner border......(she was allowed to work on "Sonia" - a first for both of them but I think they worked very well together!)

Then I was determined to complete the outside border and get a picture of the final quilt top - of course I had to take a break at 10:00 P.M. to watch my favourite show - The Bridge, so I did a little applique while it was on, but then went back and finished it!  Here it is!  You all realize I hope, that this Red Work is from a pre-printed panel that we have in the store - Sharon made it come alive on the fabric with her stitching, I designed (well how hard was that really??!!) and made the quilt top and Nancy and I finished the borders - all from fabrics we have in the store...... I am really pleased with it! 

I think I'll call Linda (Robertson) tomorrow and see if she can fit me in to her busy quilting schedule - this quilt deserves a professional's touch!  (Besides, it's an excuse for me to get a visit in with Bosley - whom I miss terribly!  However, I hear from "my" customers that he's doing great and loves his new home!)

Since I got home so late - I decided not to leave you all in suspense but now I am off to bed!

Happy Quilting!


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Janet P. said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! Good job!