Sunday, April 25, 2010

Way cool!!!!!

So there I was, in the back, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing, cleaning and organizing my office when Libby (who had popped in for pink fabrics! - What is she making NOW!?!) came back to tell me to come into the store and bring the camera!

Okay - was wondering what to blog about!?! today! 

Patty - a High School principal was in buying backing for a quilt!  Not just any quilt mind you. (Every quilt has a story - which is why we have to label our quilts, but that's another blog for another day!)  She calls this "The Inclusion Quilt" - it is made from the bandanas (gang colours) she has confiscated!  They are 100% cotton and this quilt is AWESOME!
She chose a bright orange backing and binding and promised to bring it in when it's completed!  Her son asked if he could have it when he goes off to university next year but she has other plans for this quilt.

She's going to donate it to the Police Department's Gang Unit to raise funds for their youth programs against gangs.  What a cool idea!  It was sure worth coming out of the back office for this photo-op......

Quilters are an amazing bunch of people!

Happy Quilting,



Janet P. said...
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Janet P. said...

My apologies for incorrectly entering my url in the previous post - please delete/disregard!

What a great story ... thanks for sharing it! And I look forward to your blog on the importance of labeling quilts!