Sunday, April 18, 2010

First of all....

I promised I would show you all of the new things that came in this past week!  The 3rd week of the month always seems to be the busiest in terms of classes and Sit & Sews and everything else that goes on in the store so I am really backed up as far as pictures go this week and I have a really big treat for all of you but that will come later in another blog.....

As for all the "NEW" stuff that came in, let's start with, hmmmm, fabrics -
Some great prints for BOYS quilts (or men who are still boys!), Airplanes, Trains, Motorcycles and cool streaks!  and a great Blue Sky fabric........we also got in some great creams and whites which I never got a chance to take a picture of because they were rushed into the colour wall!

These are called Dyed Batiks?! but they are gorgeous!  Good for landscapes or just used as tone on tones they work with just about everything blue......

Quilt Labels - on the bolt or individually, when you just need a label - these are great!...and you know I love to see labels on quilts!

Richmond Rose - this picture really does not do this fabric any justice! I can tell you that I already have my eye on some for a "Carpet Bag"!  You have to appreciate these fabrics in person!  We'll brew you a cup of tea so you can sit back and just enjoy it - you have to promise not to drool!

Again, photos don't do this justice - Tavern Signs!  The next pic will show you the feature fabric.  I'm already designing a quilt around the "Tavern Signs".  When I chose this fabric, the salesman got so excited, he asked if I would make him a quilt from it!  We can direct you to the Free Pattern on the website but it really doesn't do the fabric justice!  Wait for mine!

This is the feature fabric!  Bet you can have something made up in time for Father's Day! I'll get working on that pattern (it's already in my head!)

Another Red Work panel, this one is Seasons at Play - it's adorable and will make up into a cute kid's quilt or wallhanging!

Last are Fairy Frost Charm Packs!  They are almost gone (they went in the basket on Thursday and there are 5 left - oops 4!)  I know that Libby bought two, spent that evening designing a phenomenal quilt on EQ 6 - came in bought more fabric and is busy working these up into a quilt which I can't wait to see!  (I am trying to get more of these!)

So that's it for fabrics, let's see - what else came in!  Books!!!!  Books!!! Books!!!  Some new - some repeats - let's see what we have!

This one's a "repeat" offender but we've got lots of them in now so I'm thinking we should start a club!  (Maybe that way I'll get my blocks done!)

We sold out of this one too, so it's a repeat!  Great ideas and patterns!

Not a "new" book but new for us, I just think it has some great basics besides the quilting aspects!

Jan Krentz's new book - Quick Diamond Quilts and Beyond - I am a huge fan (still trying to get my quilt done from that workshop in February!)  We also got in one of her cool Rulers!
It's for Diamond Quilts......
Fabric to Dye for is a great How-To Book!

...and another great resource for the dyers - Color Your Cloth........
Tile Quilt Revival - this is just too cool!  ....and Nancy is talking about doing one!

Okay, this is way over the top for me but these letters are stunning!  Beautiful Alphabet Applique!  I'm thinking I could "cheat" a little here, paint the hard parts and then applique the rest - gotta find time (good luck with that!) to try that!

I picked this book out "just because" - I just thought it was really neat and I would love to try these blocks in a Global Themed quilt........

I cannot tell you what showing you all this new stuff does to me!  First, I get to order all these books, patterns and fabrics which is an initial adrenaline rush!  Then I have to wait, just like you do for it all to get to the comes in huge boxes!  Everyone gets excited as we open up all the boxes and see what we have, as we're marking it to put out on the floor I am again inspired by everything new!  Then I put it on the blog - by this time I am exhausted by the thought of tackling all these new and exciting projects I have conjured up in my head!

What can you do?  Get in here and buy it all - do it up, so I can live vicariously through your accomplishments and get some much needed sleep at the same time!  What do you think - great plan huh!

Happy Quilting!


P.S. This is only the first blog of today - there are more to come, stay tuned!  I'm trying to catch up with all the news.......

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