Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's happening????

There are no pictures today!  We just had brainstorms and cut fabric....

Sharon brought in her completed Red Work Panel yesterday and Kathy and I figured out all the measurements for the quilt and cut the blocks, etc.  (Ithink we may have to beg Sharon to do a Red Work Class - wait until you see her stitching!)  Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow to get the top put together.....then I'll have at least one picture!

"Kat"-hy came up with this fabulous idea!  We're going to start a Cat Club!  There are so many of you (including myself) who own cats and are cat lovers that I know you all want to know whenever something comes in relating to cats!  I think it would be fun and we can even get together to do some of the projects!  What do you think about that idea?  I thought it was pretty darn good!

Since I'm supposed to be at home finishing up the mystery quilt - I am going to get the heck outta here!  (Especially since I have to be here late tomorrow night because Elaine is teaching the Machine Applique workshop - there are a couple of spaces left but the class is pretty full - check your schedule if you're interested!)

Also - just a reminder, (because Elaine DID NOT DO A SAMPLE!!!!!)  Wisteria Lane is on May 2nd.  I will post a picture tomorrow because I don't have the book handy......

Happy Quilting!


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