Tutorial - Precision Piecing

We are hosting a 9 Patch Exchange at the store.  This gave me the opportunity to try out a few new products we have in the store. When it was suggested that we host the 9 Patch Exchange, I was alerted to some great products that would insure accuracy in piecing these blocks. So - I will try to take you through the process step by step here.

First, a product called Cutting Edge....plastic strips that mark the underside of the ruler.

The blocks are 3-1/2" blocks so I needed to mark the 1-1/2" on the rulers underside.

First I straighten the fabric....

Then I butt the straightened edge along the plastic strips marked at 1-1/2" - and cut my strips.

Fabric one, then fabric two.....

Check out the markings, perfect 1-1/2" strips.....now we move to the sewing machine.

The next product is called sewing edge! (You can use a few layers of painters tape here instead)

I take my 3-1/2" ruler and with my needle measure the 1/4" on my machine - then adhere a strip of the sewing edge tape which is about a 1/16" of an inch thick.

You can cut these tapes but I chose to mark the machine and the table giving me a longer edge. Then I stitched my first strip.

Check the perfect 1/4" seam - I was thrilled! So far, so good!

The blocks worked out to exactly 3-1/2" - Voila - precision piecing! To see my pinning method - look up Molly's Meadow on this blog - I give a demo there.

...and my second set of perfect 3-1/2" blocks!

FYI - you can use painters tape to do either of these things but I have to say I love the ease of these two products and they are both reusable and very accurate.....

My next project calls for 2-1/2" strips so I will just remove the Cutting Edge tape and reposition it for my new cutting size....I mean seriously, how easy is that. 


Anne Sarsfield said...

Great idea to have tips! Looking forward to more of them.

C.S. Weaver said...

This is so helpful to a newbie like me. I mistakenly thought I could eyeball a 1/4" seam and, as long as I cut out the piece properly, it would come out fine. WRONG!