Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Quick Note.....

It appears I will be putting out yet another FIRE today.  The newsletter is not linking properly.  If you read the blog then you know Marc and I rushed to get it done and of course in the "kerfuffle", it seems we actually got nothing done.

I apologize to those of you who read the blog - the new e-mail will hopefully go out today.....

I promise a "real" blog later....

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

D is for DONE!

Just a quick note to tell you to check your inboxes for the "mini" newsletter which should be on it's way momentarily!!!!

Took all day but I get it DONE!!!!  And, Marc is busy prepping it to put out the e-mail.  All the new e-mail addresses have gone out to him too!

Hope to see you all in some of our upcoming classes.  Mary, Carolyn and I are anticipating lots of students.

It's late and I am going home to have dinner and get some quilting done....

Happy Quilting!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Never enough time......

I have been trying all day to get at least one page of the newsletter out to you all, but, I have to admit, Monday's are never good days to plan something like that.....

So for the moment - I will give you a quick Blog Update of the classes and dates and tomorrow (hopefully) the e-mail will go out to you all too!  Don't hesitate to sign up - bring a friend and tell your friends about these classes!  They are all great classes - loads of fun and you'll have your Christmas gifts done in a minute!

December 1st - 6:00 P.M.  The Jiffy Bag with Carolyn

Bring your scraps, your machines and even batting scraps or quilters flannel for the layering and you will have a gorgeous, one of a kind bag ready to go!!!
You'll be making a bunch for everyone!  Have a fun Saturday night, stress free, and creatively productive.....

December 8th 10:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. Fabric Cards with Mary

It's not to late to create that one of a kind holiday greeting to send out to friends and family.  Something they will cherish for years to come!  Spend a couple of hours with Mary and learn how easy it is to do it.

December 8th 1:30 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.  Snappy Bag with Mary

Again, a great gift idea in multiple sizes and there are different patterns available from change purses to large totes.  Pick what you want and go to it.

December 15th 12:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. Thread Catcher with Mary

For all the sewers on your list, whip up one of these great gifts.  Make one for yourself while you're making them - great for themed fabrics for all your friends.

December 15th 3:30 - 6:00 P.M.  Casserole Cover and Pot Holder with Jo-Ann

The ultimate hostess gift as well as one you could use yourself.  I always say I wouldn't give a gift I wouldn't want myself.....Spend the afternoon putting these two together - no sweat and quilting it!  The potholder took me an hour!  Seriously - you'll be making one for each and every hostess you plan to visit this season.

If you are interested in any of these classes - call the store for details - as usual the prices are very reasonable and as always they will be fun -

Home to get some quilting done now - have a great night!

Happy Quilting!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'll bet.....

You all thought I wouldn't have time to blog today!  Surprise, surprise!  It's after hours and the opening went fabulously!  To all of you who came by to say hello and pick up a couple of items - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I love the new space and I'm getting the impression that you are all pretty happy with it too!  Including our new addition - the Cuckoo Cluck!!!!

I'll bring you up to date a little....  Yesterday was also a very busy day at the "Doodle".  About 6 weeks ago, at the old store, one of our fellow customers came in and fell in love with a quilt I had designed and had not yet written the pattern for - Trip Back In Time - an on-point Trip Around the World made from reporduction fabrics.  I basically said, take it home and use it as a template - she did!  Below is my quilt!

SB brought my quilt back to me - which by the way has the borders almost finished on it - and she showed off her gorgeous quilt from the fabrics we had chosen on that fateful day back in October.....isn't it gorgeous - and she added a row around the outside to complete the point!!!  I love it!  Guess I'd better get to work on the actual written pattern and the kits so everyone else can enjoy this quilt too!  I'll keep you all posted!
 Last night was - Don't Dare Bring Your Machine Night (alternatively know as Applecake Club) and we were hopping!  Very busy doing embroidery, applique, knitting, binding, felting, and unstitching!  The unstitching was me!  I had brought in my Lithia Park quilt to show off the top when Cathie pointed out my mistake (again - second time)!  So Luckily I had not yet put the borders on and was able to unstitch easily!!!
 Today was busy, busy, busy but I had to stop to take a picture of KH's quilt because it was truly a joint effort.  She had come in and picked a "few" fat quarters in pinks and golds one day and said they need to be a quilt.  We worked together and fooled with a bunch of fabrics until we came up with the ones in the quilt below - outstanding!
But my absolute favourite part of this quilt is the quilting!!!!  KH used #8 Pearl Cotton, which we sell of course, and did the big stitch in circles and squares - I just love it, absolutely love it and it's so easy to do!  If you would like to have a quick lesson - just drop by and I'll show you how it goes!!!!
In order to celebrate the 2nd Grand Opening of Cock-A-Doodle Quilts at the 2nd (NEW) location I am going out for dinner with two very good (crazy) quilters whom I've come to love over the past 6 years.  We're off to have a lovely meal at Me-Va-Me up at Bathurst and Steeles which have the best Middle Eastern food in the city......then I'm going home to relax and maybe finish up the rest of my Urban Pods....

Happy Quilting!


Friday, November 23, 2012

New, new and new!

Okay, I've been promising this quilt for months and it is now kitted and in the store - Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too! We've got 7 in stock and once they are gone - they are gone! Don't miss out - it's really adorable and super quick and easy (unless I'm doing it - then it takes forever!)

Books, books, books! There are 4 new books in stock. I admit, I am addicted to quilting books, but, when I see something that sparks my creative juices and motivates me I just have to have it.

Lately I have been obsessed with anything that uses up scraps! I have so many that it just makes sense and Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe has 15 fabulous projects to use them up. Better yet - as the title promises, all from rectangles, how easy can that be. I haven't had a chance to try anything out yet but I'm sure I will have to dig into my scrap basket soon.

Recognize the name? Barbara J. Jones has put together A Batch of Quilt Soup with some fun patchwork and applique patterns. I actually put aside a copy for me cause I really do love her patterns, but for now I really can't start anything new - so my copy is back on the shelf. We also have quite a few of her patterns which I will put nearby - she's a very talented quilter.

What can I say - anything Kim Diehl comes out with I have to own and Homestyle Quilts, her latest book, is no exception. I love her simple folk art patterns and her choice of warm colour palettes. It makes me feel cozy and warm, just looking through her books. You know I've already snagged my copy.

My last acquisition is Design, Create & Quilt by Ruth Hughes. This is really one of those rare books you have to own. It's a technique and a tutorial and takes you far beyond the traditional. Ruth has a way of making it look so easy and her methodology reinforces the ease at which you can create, not only her masterpieces but your own as well.

There you are, lots to see and look at in the new store. You will be wondering how we fit it in to this cozy little space.....Tonight is our monthly meeting of the "Don't Dare Bring Your Machine Group" otherwise known as the "Applecake Club" - dinner and hand work (you can knit too - we don't point fingers here!)...There are  two spaces available if you feel like hanging out with a bunch of quilters tonight!

Hope to see you soon!

Happy Quilting!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

We are officially here....

When we originally arrived on November 7th and until today I was considering a new logo due to the sign above the store.  Years ago, Mary Ellen Hopkins wrote a book which I believe is still in print - "It's Okay to Sit on My Quilt", so I thought I could change that to - "It's Okay to Dance on My Quilt".  Seeing as the sign above the door read Danceology.  (The space used to be part of Danceology who still has space next door.)  But, that really didn't give anyone any inkling as to what we are all about.

 As you all know, moving is not cheap.  It's a pretty costly business, so I went about trying to find a sign company willing and able to put up our sign at a reasonable price.  It took quite awhile before I found Abdul at Affordable Signs and it was just that, affordable.

He came by yesterday (Wednesday November 21st) to measure and give me a firm quote after giving me a ballpark figure over the phone and said he could do it on site today.  As promised, they arrived at 12:30 P.M., cleaned off the old lettering and began installing our lettering.

I have to say I LOVE IT!!!  When I was deciding on the lettering I must've picked about 12 different fonts and I could not make a decision.  It's the artist in me.  Finally I turned to the expert, Barb,  who made a really good case for the font called "Quigley Wiggly" and it looks fabulous!  Teresa came in on Tuesday and also agreed with Barb so I knew I had a winner - and I didn't have to make the final decision.  I think it looks awesome and I feel like I've grown up now because we have a REAL sign!!! 

I am thrilled to say the least!  It's been a busy few days and last night I finally got down to wome piecing on my Urban Pods quilt - check out Jo-Ann's Creations, Trials & Tribulations! for an update.

If you look to your right, under tutorials, you will note there is a new one there - Machine Maintenance.  While I was quilting last night, I hit a bit of a snag with my needle and needed to do some maintenance, hence the short tutorial.  Enjoy it!  I am definitely off to arrange patterns now or nothing will be ready for Saturday....

Happy Quilting!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sneak Peek!!!

I love when new stuff comes into the store!  I had these fabrics "on hold" until we moved and they just arrived today.  They were ordered specifically for the absolute coolest quilt ever!!!!  ....and for the absolute coolest ruler ever!!!!

The ruler is the Quick Curve Ruler and is designed by Long Arm Quilter - Jenny Pedigo.  Her patterns are fabulous and I have to tell you - I, an avid traditionalist, am hooked.  I was hoping to have my sample done by Saturday for the Re-Opening but honestly I'm not sure I have the strength to get it done - we shall see.....I've got 6 patterns for you to choose from and I know it's going to be hard to choose.

 Fiona was intrigued by the ruler too, so before we moved I gave her a sneak peek and she made up this great baby size quilt which has alread been shipped off to the recipient....but look how cool it is!!!  She opted to add a border to her quilt but most of the patterns do not have borders - looks good both ways.....
Here's the pattern that I have in the works at home, it's called Urban Pods and I have to tell you - her (Jenny's) methods are so fabulously easy you'll want to do all of her patterns.  Once I get this one done I think I will move on to either Urban Holiday or Urban Nine Patch and I already know what fabrics I want to use.......  We will definitely be offering a class in the New Year - as a matter of fact you can circle Saturday January 12th or Wednesday January 16th, both 10:30 - 3:30 P.M..  Choose one or the other.....

You can check out Jenny's website by hitting the link at the side of our page - Sew Kind of Wonderful - there you will see some of the patterns I have purchased including Urban Pods.

If things go according to plan - I will post my progress at Jo-Ann's Creations, Trials & Tribulations later on tonight or tomorrow.....hoping to get the top done before Saturday....

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Okay, I give up!

Somebody needs to explain to me where the last 10 days went?!?!  I cannot believe that I have not blogged for 10 days.  I mean seriously, what have I been doing?

I know, we started the move on the 7th of November and that's the day I lost touch with the world.  The computers were disconnected for close to 8 days.  It was like being in a void, very weird but, that's not to say we weren't busy.  The 7th was a Wednesday and we spent Thursday and Friday cleaning out 115 Miranda and literally dumping it into 2700 Dufferin Street - see for yourselves what I am talking about.  These pictures were taken after we moved all the fabric into the shelves at the front!  What a mess.....

As previously mentioned, Gail came by on Wednesday to help me clean up and organize the front of the shop so that we could actually put things where they had to go.....

On Friday night (Nov 9) Cathie and Gail came after work and organized the fabrics - I sat back and supervised (right!)....

Trust me when I say, there was fabric everywhere.  But, at the end of the evening the store was beginning to form.  Saturday I had help from Rita, Gillian and Tonya as we began clearing the back room.  We needed enough of the room cleared to accomodate 4 for Stitch & Bitch Sunday and after a full day of work we were able to do it.....

The monthly Sunday Stitch & Bitch was a go - we have a food station which seems to work out really well.
 Everyone had plenty of space to work.
 ...and dessert worked out pretty good too!
Alot has happened since then and the store is looking really good - but you'll have to come in to see the progress, although I may drop a few pics in before you make it in for a visit.

Needless to say there is still alot to do but slowly but surely it is all getting done.  I spent a good part of today organizing our thread unit.  Now there are signs up telling you what the threads are and what they do.  It helps if it's easier to pick the right thread for the job you want to do.  If you have any questions about thread, don't hesitate to ask.
 I also ordered in a few Applique Scissor Sets by Clauss which are wonderful for any avid sewer, hand or machine.  The set of 3 is $64.50, say you saw it here and get a 15% discount.  What a great gift idea for someone special!
My next job is tackling all the patterns that we have.  The move had them dropped into two huge baskets and now they have to be sorted and re-hung.  I know I want to make each and every one of them, otherwise I wouldn't have ordered them but even so, you forget what you have.  It will actually be fun to see what's there!  Will keep you all posted....

Happy Quilting,


Saturday, November 10, 2012

We have arrived!!!

It's been a long week but we are there!!!  The store is moved - now comes the fun part!  Setting everything up and making it all work!!!  So far, I had the Dynamic Duo in last night and we were provided dinner - a fabulous Lasagna - by my new neighbour - La Fontina!!!

Cathie and Gail went wild sorting all the fabrics and making the store look fabulous!!!  Of course the front part still needs to be set up so I can get the desk area up and running and then we will have a bit more space to manuever but so far so good!!!!

I can't wait to start greeting you all as you walk into the new digs.....I'm off to the store now to start organizing the classroom, kitchen and other areas that have to be set up.....

Happy Quilting!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


What a day!!!!  I'm way past exhausted but it is a wonderful feeling.  The new store is a reality, a mess but a reality!!!!  Gail came down to help out and she was absolutely amazing.

Shaun, Patrick and Rich did all the heavy work and I'm pretty sure we have 90% of the furniture in the store.  All the little stuff is left now - ugh!  Of course the store is absolutely upside down - actually both stores are upside down, so there's still alot to do but little by little it will get done for sure.....

No pictures yet - maybe later in the week, once we get a little bit organized.  Not sure when the official "Opening Day" will be but I promise it won't be too long.....

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Here we go.....

Gillian and I went crazy yesterday moving everything out of the center of the store.  She is like the energizer bunny with attitude.....and she has a very long whip!!!!  Not sure where I found the strength, I think it was just trying to keep up with her that kept me going.  Needless to say I was a little sore last night when I got home.....
This morning the guys showed up to remove the carpeting needed for the new store......and as I write this they are laying it down there.  I can't be in two places at once or I would be there too!  This afternoon we are hopefully going to start moving the small stuff over to the store and tomorrow we will be working with the bigger pieces......

Here's something, just a little teaser so you know what's coming for the new store.....

Fiona dropped by today with a quilt she made with the absolute coolest ruler ever.  It's called the Quick Curve Ruler and it's the best thing since the rotary cutter......I have also been working on a sample for the store so hopefully I'll get some time to finish up in the near future.
Urban Pods with the QCR (Quick Curve Ruler)
Pattern modified to baby quilt size

Of course we'll be offering a class and a bunch of patterns as well as a couple of kits for this particular quilt!  Once you make your first quilt using the QCR you will be absolutely hooked and the patterns are fabulous.....

Can't wait to get the new store up and running - but I'm going to need a few days so go easy on me....

Happy Quilting!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Blitz is on......

The bathroom left yesterday, the kitchen cabinets went out today.....and who knows how quickly the rest will follow!!!!  I just finished loading all the patterns into baskets so the slot board can be moved over.  It is quick and methodical and Richard and Jonathan are working like "dogs"!!!!

They are off to get the flooring for the classroom at Costco now and I am looking at what I need to pack up next.  As I write this, I look around and wonder how we are going to get this all over there but I know that the "boys" will do their best to make it easy on me. 

I'm not sure what should come next but it looks like I have to make some decisions quickly so, this is today's update and I am off to figure out what to get packed.....

Happy Quilting!


Friday, November 2, 2012


Have you seen these two fabulous books?  They are actually two of my favourite books for a load of reasons - the most important one being that they are catalysts in dealing with my unwieldy stash!  These books were both written by two very talented local quilters - Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms.

 This is the latest book - Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts and if you remember that handy little tool - the seam roller - that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, well it appears again on page 21 of this book.  Many of the quilts in this book were quilted by local long-arm machine quilters - Margaret Mitchell and Sandra Reed. 

This is the first book and my copy is at home where I can't reference any of the really important stuff.....but, I do know that I have plans for my baskets full of scraps.....

Mary Elizabeth dropped in today to pick up some fabrics - can't wait to see what she's working on, in order to keep up with Mary Elizabeth I have, with her permission, added her blog to our you can check her works in progress too!

I really have to get some packing done here so that we can get out of here quickly when the time comes (very, very soon!)  I also have a lot to do in terms of quilting so on that note I will wish you all.....

Happy Quilting!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

First look.....

Here are the first pictures of the new space!!!  Rich has finished all the painting and has started on the flooring.....we're getting closer and I have to say I have been very patient but I am really starting to get excited now!!!!  There is a very bright light at the end of this tunnel!
 This is the front of the store looking in from the front door
 This is the front door and front window from the center of the store
 This is the classroom looking in from the store with Rich working on flooring
 This is the other side of the classroom from the store view
 This is the kitchen WITH A FLOOR!!!!! Yeah!
 The other side of the kitchen
This is the bathroom - almost floored.....

Needless to say I am busy planning next steps - tomorrow we will have a completed washroom and then the kitchen will be moving over.  Should be interesting how quickly we start moving from there......

I'm really hoping to be sending out the "We've Moved!" e-mail sometime within the next two weeks - keep your fingers crossed...

Tonight my plan is to get cracking on a couple of the new samples that will be in the I am off to quilt!

Happy Quilting!