Thursday, November 22, 2012

We are officially here....

When we originally arrived on November 7th and until today I was considering a new logo due to the sign above the store.  Years ago, Mary Ellen Hopkins wrote a book which I believe is still in print - "It's Okay to Sit on My Quilt", so I thought I could change that to - "It's Okay to Dance on My Quilt".  Seeing as the sign above the door read Danceology.  (The space used to be part of Danceology who still has space next door.)  But, that really didn't give anyone any inkling as to what we are all about.

 As you all know, moving is not cheap.  It's a pretty costly business, so I went about trying to find a sign company willing and able to put up our sign at a reasonable price.  It took quite awhile before I found Abdul at Affordable Signs and it was just that, affordable.

He came by yesterday (Wednesday November 21st) to measure and give me a firm quote after giving me a ballpark figure over the phone and said he could do it on site today.  As promised, they arrived at 12:30 P.M., cleaned off the old lettering and began installing our lettering.

I have to say I LOVE IT!!!  When I was deciding on the lettering I must've picked about 12 different fonts and I could not make a decision.  It's the artist in me.  Finally I turned to the expert, Barb,  who made a really good case for the font called "Quigley Wiggly" and it looks fabulous!  Teresa came in on Tuesday and also agreed with Barb so I knew I had a winner - and I didn't have to make the final decision.  I think it looks awesome and I feel like I've grown up now because we have a REAL sign!!! 

I am thrilled to say the least!  It's been a busy few days and last night I finally got down to wome piecing on my Urban Pods quilt - check out Jo-Ann's Creations, Trials & Tribulations! for an update.

If you look to your right, under tutorials, you will note there is a new one there - Machine Maintenance.  While I was quilting last night, I hit a bit of a snag with my needle and needed to do some maintenance, hence the short tutorial.  Enjoy it!  I am definitely off to arrange patterns now or nothing will be ready for Saturday....

Happy Quilting!


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Alison M said... DID you know Quiggley Wiggly is my favourite font too?

Congratulations, on the new 'Doodle'. The sign is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in your new home soon.