Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'll bet.....

You all thought I wouldn't have time to blog today!  Surprise, surprise!  It's after hours and the opening went fabulously!  To all of you who came by to say hello and pick up a couple of items - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I love the new space and I'm getting the impression that you are all pretty happy with it too!  Including our new addition - the Cuckoo Cluck!!!!

I'll bring you up to date a little....  Yesterday was also a very busy day at the "Doodle".  About 6 weeks ago, at the old store, one of our fellow customers came in and fell in love with a quilt I had designed and had not yet written the pattern for - Trip Back In Time - an on-point Trip Around the World made from reporduction fabrics.  I basically said, take it home and use it as a template - she did!  Below is my quilt!

SB brought my quilt back to me - which by the way has the borders almost finished on it - and she showed off her gorgeous quilt from the fabrics we had chosen on that fateful day back in October.....isn't it gorgeous - and she added a row around the outside to complete the point!!!  I love it!  Guess I'd better get to work on the actual written pattern and the kits so everyone else can enjoy this quilt too!  I'll keep you all posted!
 Last night was - Don't Dare Bring Your Machine Night (alternatively know as Applecake Club) and we were hopping!  Very busy doing embroidery, applique, knitting, binding, felting, and unstitching!  The unstitching was me!  I had brought in my Lithia Park quilt to show off the top when Cathie pointed out my mistake (again - second time)!  So Luckily I had not yet put the borders on and was able to unstitch easily!!!
 Today was busy, busy, busy but I had to stop to take a picture of KH's quilt because it was truly a joint effort.  She had come in and picked a "few" fat quarters in pinks and golds one day and said they need to be a quilt.  We worked together and fooled with a bunch of fabrics until we came up with the ones in the quilt below - outstanding!
But my absolute favourite part of this quilt is the quilting!!!!  KH used #8 Pearl Cotton, which we sell of course, and did the big stitch in circles and squares - I just love it, absolutely love it and it's so easy to do!  If you would like to have a quick lesson - just drop by and I'll show you how it goes!!!!
In order to celebrate the 2nd Grand Opening of Cock-A-Doodle Quilts at the 2nd (NEW) location I am going out for dinner with two very good (crazy) quilters whom I've come to love over the past 6 years.  We're off to have a lovely meal at Me-Va-Me up at Bathurst and Steeles which have the best Middle Eastern food in the city......then I'm going home to relax and maybe finish up the rest of my Urban Pods....

Happy Quilting!


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naturalgrrl said...

Hey Jo-Ann - I was one of those who popped in to see the new space yesterday (and to see YOU) and I think it's just great! Thanks for continuing to inspire us in our quilty obsessions and in life!