Thursday, March 31, 2011

We're having some fun.....

We just got in two new collections and we're all busy making up store samples.  Yes even me.....I know, another project!!!!  However this is my "store" project which I can only work on in the store......

The fabrics are great!  First there is "Counting Sheep" which has two free quilt patterns - one with the panel, which I am "whipping" up! and the other with this fabulous border print which Nancy is going to start on tomorrow......

Here's the panel -
 ...and here are all the co-ordinates including the border print!  They are just adorable!  If you love sheep - you will love these fabrics......
The other great collection that came in is "Quilting Purrfection" and you just have to see these cute!  Sharon has taken on the free quilt pattern sample so that should be completed soon and Nancy whipped up the bag this afternoon!  It took her about 3-1/2 hours and it was done!

Here are the fabrics.....
This is a photo of the free pattern sheet...... 
 ...and here's the bag Nancy whipped up this afternoon!  It's got lots of pockets and is a really nice size bag....
In addition we got in three fabulous new books!  501 Quilting Motifs by Quiltmakers - a great go to book for machine quilting......
 Inspired by Tradition by Kay Mackenzie - I fell in love with the cover and Nancy has already picked a project to do a class on......can't wait to see her version.....
For something a little different! I chose Sewing Pottery by Machine by Barbara Warholic and I think (don't quote me!) that Kathy wants to do a sample and possibly teach a class on this one.......we'll see!  Really looks pretty cool!  
Okay - I have to get back to my store sample - distractions, distractions!  but I really wanted to tell you about all the new stuff!

Happy Quilting!


Friday, March 25, 2011

What's Happening!?!?!

It's been awhile since the last update!  We've been busy receiving orders - books, patterns, notions and tomorrow we've got some great fabrics coming.....can't wait to set them all up in the store and show them off!

Last weekend was Christmas Club and if you check Elaine's blog regularly you've probably already seen the blocks but I'll give you a second look now!

Not entirely sure who's blocks are who's here so I'll just let you see how different and fabulous they all are.....maybe next time I'll take notes ....... 

 I love catching Elaine off-guard  (she does the same to me all the time....)  This one's pretty good!

It's all about the stories that go with the blocks and what they all represent....this class should really be's hilarious!  There was something about a pregnant reindeer and one who wasn't feeling well.....

Sunday was Nancy's Next step Applique class which is a real treat to see!  The blocks are coming out so beautifully......she's a real slave driver and makes them work really hard.....

I think the ladies are really enjoying this class......a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Sunday afternoon Kristin stopped buy to pick up backing for two baby quilts she's making and they are just so adorable I had to have pictures......using much of the same fabrics, just different designs!

On Monday I decided to make one of my favourite cake recipes and it went over really well, so well in fact, there were only two slices of cake left at the end of the day....I managed to get the photo when it was only half gone.....It's a Lemon Coconut Cake and it is to die for!

So - I'll share the recipe -

Lemon Coconut Cake

1 white cake mix - make as directed using 2 9" round pans
Lemon Filling - Shirrif's - as directed on the package
Prepared White Icing - Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker

Let cake and lemon filling cool.  On first layer, fill with lemon filling.  Place second layer on top and ice with white icing, sprinkle coconut on top and sides - dribble with more lemon filling and voila!

I had lots of lemon filling left over so I purchased some Tenderflake Frozen Tart shells and filled them, then made meringue and served Mini - Lemon Meringues for dessert on Thursday!

I have also done this all from scratch but I honestly believe if you can find a faster way and it still tastes just as good - do it!

With that - I am off to cut more Farmer's Wife templates and blocks so I will try not to take so long between blogs -

Happy Quilting!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Awed again!

I think that lately I am "quilting" vicariously through my customers and teachers!  I've had so much going on in my personal life that quilting has taken a back seat and I don't seem to be getting anything done!

However, I certainly enjoy sharing the thought processes and creativity of all of my customers.....

Last weekend, Fiona came by with a project she was working on to find a background.  After laying out a number of great fabrics she finally decided on one that really does this art piece justice!  I can almost see a class coming from this one.....all you have to do is say you're interested and I'll be twisting her arm!  Someone gave her a bunch of tulips and voila!
Yesterday was our Thursday Sit & Sew and we had almost a full house.  Chris brought in a quilt which she made for a raffle at a seniors' home.  She makes one every year for their annual charity event.....the fabrics are from one of our many Japanese collections.......and as usual my photo does not do this quilt top justice!
Carol, new to our Thursday Sit & Sew was busy working on her Bargello Quilt from a class she took a while back with's really coming along......I believe it got a lot bigger as the day progressed!  They worked right up until 6:00 P.M......
I was busy unpacking all the boxes that arrived with books, notions, patterns and BATTING!  Yes - batting, finally!  We're going to try and keep that stuff in stock.....I almost forgot what it looks like, it's been so long!  The Mettler thread cabinet is full again too! 

We've got some great new books and some good repeats in and a bunch of patterns that we've been waiting for....

Carolyn is in tomorrow and will be teaching Machine Quilting Techniques to a small group and Barb is working this weekend because I'm a little "under the weather".  I might stop by to help out with the lunch but I'm nursing a toothache so I won't be there for long.....maybe I'll get some quilting done at home!

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little inspiration!

I am sometimes, no, correction, always - blown away by my customers!  They motivate and inspire me and I am usually awed and speechless by their gorgeous creations!  Sunday was no exception......

Andie came by to show me her latest!  She picked out the fabrics earlier in the week and came back with the completed "masterpiece" on Sunday.  Just a little background here, she's been quilting for a little over a year and has produced at least 10 quilts, some for Healing Heroes....a real inspiration, and proof that there is even hope for me!  

Check out this awesome and inspiring baby quilt for her grandson....the front has Ethan's favourite sleeper on it (which he has grown out of) and if you click on the photo you'll see the background is bears and sleepers...... 
 The back is just as inspiring, an alphabet panel which makes this a learning quilt too!  It was so inspiring that a customer in the store at the time purchased the fabrics to make two alphabet quilts for her grandchildren, a boy and a girl!
It's amazing what you can do with one of these panels they come out with!  The real joy is - that even though it's a "mass produced" panel, each quilt turns out unique with a quilters' loving touch!

Yesterday I happened into the classroom while Linda was laying out yet another quilt pattern from that fantastic book - Scrapbook Surprises!  It's a ribbon pattern and it is going to be absolutely awesome! 

My personal inspiration arrived yesterday in the form of two big boxes full of goodies that I had ordered for the of my customers special ordered this book and since I have coveted this book for over a year I decided to order 2 and "possibly" keep one for myself......

FibreArt Montage by Judith Baker Montano is a quilter's "coffee table" book!  It's pricey but worth every single penny!  I don't stock it in the store but will happily special order it! (I usually order a few extra when I do that)!  It is a book where she combines quilting, embroidery and photography with embellishment and it really is absolutely amazing......
Of course, that was not enough for me!  I also had a special order for another one of Judith's books and of course, ordered one extra for me!  It's her Embroidery & Crazy Quilt STITCH TOOL!  Another really amazing and inspiring book!  I'm not exactly sure what I have planned for this one but I know that I do intend to use it soon......It even has a stand so that it stands on it's own!
 I can see hours of decorative stitching in my future.......FYI - if there's a book you want and we can get it, we will be more than happy to special order it!  I've even been known to add a few extra to the order if it's something that interests us and I think others will be inspired, so don't be shy - if you don't see something in the store, just ask!

I am off to lose myself in two very inspiring books....

Happy Quilting!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

155 Quilts!!!!!

Today was our monthly "Healing Heroes" meeting and the ladies were busy, busy, busy!  The classroom was full to brimming, we almost didn't have enough chairs - a great sign!

We were also happy to host a special guest today, Alison McDonald, our liason with Quilts of Valour, an avid quilter herself, as well as an accomplished long-arm quilter.  It was a very productive and a wonderful day......

Here's Pat holding up the latest quilts to go off to the depot where they will be loved and cherished by the amazing service men and women who fight to protect our country and the world.......

Here's Alison holding up a quilt pieced by a 91 year old woman.  She sent two completed tops which just need backing - then Alison will throw them on the long-arm and quilt them......she's actually done hundreds already! 

Judy's at the design board working on another one of her masterpieces....really, she really tries new patterns all the time and does a beautiful job!
....and Barb and Alison commiserating at the cutting table......checking to see if they've got enough fabric for backing!

For anyone interested in donating a quilt to Quilts of Valour (Healing Heroes), they are looking for 100% cotton quilts, flannels are also good as long as they're 100% cotton, size is minimum 50" x 70".  You can drop them at the store anytime or come and say hi on the first Saturday of every month because that's when all the girls are usually there!  If you have any questions give me a call at the store and I'll try and answer them, or get the answers for you!

Okay - there's a cheesecake in the oven for tomorrow's dessert so I gotta run......

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's all about temptation!

We are constantly receiving new books in the store and it's all I can do to stop myself from starting new projects....  2011 is all about FOCUS for me so I can get some of the MANY projects I've started completed......but when the new books arrive I am always inspired and of course have already made mental notes on which projects I want to tackle......

First, and this one is right up my alley!  Scrap Quilts Go Country by Deanne Eisenman.  The nice part about this book is it adapts to Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs so you can really use up all that stuff you bought on a whim because you loved it when you saw it (hmmm, yes I am also guilty of that passion!).
The second book is also a great "idea" book - Modern Basics by Amy Ellis - real contemporary quilts, great for beginners but also great for quick quilts for gifts or for charitable causes......I may even donate one of these books to our Healing Heroes group!
The third book is just plain fun!  A Year In The Life of Sunbonnet Sue! by Christine Porter and Darra Williamson.  I am not a huge fan of "Sue" but these little quilts are just adorable.....

Last, I started thinking outside the box when I ordered this one - meaning - it's not all quilting!  Fabric is fun and should decorate our lives so I ordered Sew Decorative from SewNews..... Some really great little projects in this book and it's great to use as a reference for a little home decorating!  After all it's nice to have stuff that goes with all the quilts we make.....

As most of you know these four books are just a drop in the bucket of the selection of books that we carry.....Come in and grab a comfy seat by our "Book Nook" and inspire yourself!  There's nothing more relaxing than being around fabric, books, patterns and all the wonderful samples we have on display.  Coffee's on!  Come visit!

Happy Quilting!