Friday, March 25, 2011

What's Happening!?!?!

It's been awhile since the last update!  We've been busy receiving orders - books, patterns, notions and tomorrow we've got some great fabrics coming.....can't wait to set them all up in the store and show them off!

Last weekend was Christmas Club and if you check Elaine's blog regularly you've probably already seen the blocks but I'll give you a second look now!

Not entirely sure who's blocks are who's here so I'll just let you see how different and fabulous they all are.....maybe next time I'll take notes ....... 

 I love catching Elaine off-guard  (she does the same to me all the time....)  This one's pretty good!

It's all about the stories that go with the blocks and what they all represent....this class should really be's hilarious!  There was something about a pregnant reindeer and one who wasn't feeling well.....

Sunday was Nancy's Next step Applique class which is a real treat to see!  The blocks are coming out so beautifully......she's a real slave driver and makes them work really hard.....

I think the ladies are really enjoying this class......a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Sunday afternoon Kristin stopped buy to pick up backing for two baby quilts she's making and they are just so adorable I had to have pictures......using much of the same fabrics, just different designs!

On Monday I decided to make one of my favourite cake recipes and it went over really well, so well in fact, there were only two slices of cake left at the end of the day....I managed to get the photo when it was only half gone.....It's a Lemon Coconut Cake and it is to die for!

So - I'll share the recipe -

Lemon Coconut Cake

1 white cake mix - make as directed using 2 9" round pans
Lemon Filling - Shirrif's - as directed on the package
Prepared White Icing - Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker

Let cake and lemon filling cool.  On first layer, fill with lemon filling.  Place second layer on top and ice with white icing, sprinkle coconut on top and sides - dribble with more lemon filling and voila!

I had lots of lemon filling left over so I purchased some Tenderflake Frozen Tart shells and filled them, then made meringue and served Mini - Lemon Meringues for dessert on Thursday!

I have also done this all from scratch but I honestly believe if you can find a faster way and it still tastes just as good - do it!

With that - I am off to cut more Farmer's Wife templates and blocks so I will try not to take so long between blogs -

Happy Quilting!



Janet P. said...

I'm suffering from a terrible case of Christmas Club envy ... wish I had signed up for that!

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks Joanne - that was a very attractive picture!!!! I look horrible if I don't smile!!!! Maybe if Janet P. wants to do some homework she could join our class????