Monday, May 27, 2013

Urban Pods Revisited!

Urban Pods has been quilted!  Sandy (Lindal) popped in to the store to drop off a quilt to a customer and saw my Urban Pods sitting and waiting to be quilted.  That was about the end of April.  On Monday May 6th she came back with the quilt completed.  I quickly got the binding on and started sewing.  I had it done in record time - finished it Tuesday May 7th.  I have been meaning to post the pictures for three weeks but I have been otherwise occupied.

As you can see she did a spectacular job.  The quilt is in the store and you really need to get a look at it up close and personal to see all the work that went into this custom quilted piece.
Here's a picture of the back - you can really see the fabulous quilting she did.
Again a larger photo of the back....I chose to break up the back with some of the leftover fabrics and at the same time I used a Pigma Pen to write my label  on some of the white fabric.
My original intent was to quilt this one myself, so I had to make a little change to the label to correct it, but it all worked out just fine....and I gave Sandy full credit for her fabulous work!
Another picture of the back where you can really see the quilting....
If you are looking for a Long Arm quilter, Sandy is available and as you can see - a fabulous quilter - you can reach her at 416-229-4728.  Don't forget to tell her I sent you....

Happy Quilting!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

It must be May.....

The newsletter is on it's way to you all!  Hoping you'll love the class line-up, I tried to throw in a little of everything and there will be more coming.....

Yesterday was Healing Heroes - Quilts of Valour day at the Doodle and Judy brought in yet another completed quilt for which she quickly whipped up a pillow case to match.....
This is a great pattern and the quilt is really awesome - loads of leaves in the boxes.....She quilted the boxes in the ditch and then meandered inside and outside the boxes.  There were another 8 finished quilts delivered to Virginia, then Pat, then Alison as well.  These ladies just keep producing gorgeous quilts.....

I have received all of my blocks for the 9 Patch Exchange and since my dear friend Debbie came in to quilt with me yesterday I began work on the quilt top.  Since there is going to be a reveal planned I will give you this one pic to whet your appetites and you will have to figure out what I'm up to......

Jo-Ann's 9 Patch Exchange Quilt

I am thrilled with the way it's coming along so I honestly can't wait to get it done.  Stay tuned!  I think today I received the last group of outstanding blocks so everyone will receive all of their blocks and they too can make some awesome quilts.  Can't wait to see them all!  It may even inspire another exchange!

Happy quilting!


P.S. If you want to see what's happening with The Farmer's Wife head over to Jo-Ann's Creations, Trials & Tribulations.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where does it go......

I have been focused - on quilting and preparing the newsletter which is about to hit the "waves".  (Internet air waves...)

So the Asian Invasion has inspired me - below the beginnings of my Bento Box quilt - I'm using the Anna Griffin Asians to do it.  The middle block didn't really work for me so I've since "unstitched" it and used the fabrics for two other blocks which I will share next time.  I think it's going to be awesome and I'm working on it at the store so come by and check out my progress....

 Bento Box quilt

On the home front, Amish With A Twist is coming along fine.  I completed Block 12 - Birds In The Air and the extras for the first border.
 Block 12 - Birds In The Air

I spent Saturday at the store cutting out the fabrics for Lessons 13, 14 and 15, while Debbie kept me company while working on her Box Step quilt in Red, Black and White.  Wish I had taken a picture but I think I'd left the camera at home.

Then home to start the next stage of the Amish - sewing the setting blocks!  Check out Block 1 - Rail Fence enclosed......

 Rail Fence enclosed.....

Then back to my Asian obsession, below is Nine By Twelve using those fabulous Asian fabrics we received last week.  I just need to add the borders which I hope will happen this week some time or this weekend maybe....and then write up the patterns for this and the Bento Box and wow!!!!
Nine By Twelve

Today I spent polishing and putting the finishing touches on the newsletter so look out - it'll be online momentarily......great classes, loads of fun!

Happy Quilting!