Monday, May 27, 2013

Urban Pods Revisited!

Urban Pods has been quilted!  Sandy (Lindal) popped in to the store to drop off a quilt to a customer and saw my Urban Pods sitting and waiting to be quilted.  That was about the end of April.  On Monday May 6th she came back with the quilt completed.  I quickly got the binding on and started sewing.  I had it done in record time - finished it Tuesday May 7th.  I have been meaning to post the pictures for three weeks but I have been otherwise occupied.

As you can see she did a spectacular job.  The quilt is in the store and you really need to get a look at it up close and personal to see all the work that went into this custom quilted piece.
Here's a picture of the back - you can really see the fabulous quilting she did.
Again a larger photo of the back....I chose to break up the back with some of the leftover fabrics and at the same time I used a Pigma Pen to write my label  on some of the white fabric.
My original intent was to quilt this one myself, so I had to make a little change to the label to correct it, but it all worked out just fine....and I gave Sandy full credit for her fabulous work!
Another picture of the back where you can really see the quilting....
If you are looking for a Long Arm quilter, Sandy is available and as you can see - a fabulous quilter - you can reach her at 416-229-4728.  Don't forget to tell her I sent you....

Happy Quilting!



betweens said...

this is fabulous! but not surprising love Sandy's work. This is a gorgeous quilt!

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