Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's!

I know - you are all wondering what happened!  Well it's been a very busy few weeks for us (and me!) and unfortunately burning the midnight oil didn't help!  It got to the point where I was so tired, I would just collapse when I got home.....however, things are looking up!

Last weekend was the Etobicoke Quilt Show and we were fortunate to have our booth there (which is what kept us pretty busy at the store).  I want to thank all of our wonderful customers who stopped by to say hello and I would like to welcome all the new friends we made to the store and the blog.  I hope you are reading all about what's new in the store and in "our little world".

I know it's not too early to announce that we will be having Anita from Cotton Millworks doing her Thread Bar class at the store on June 12th - all the details will be in our newsletter which is just one of the other things that is keeping us busy here.  We are planning some fabulous classes for the Spring/Summer edition.

We did take some photos at the show so I will share them with you now - by the way, I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of the quilts but as we all know - pictures just don't do these masterpieces justice.  I hope you didn't miss the show because there was alot to see -
This is a photo of Cobweb and Caviar's booth.  They had some fabulous kits and loads of great stuff - if you get up that way you have to check out their store.  A.J. and Jackie are fabulous, just tell them Jo-Ann sent you (they'll probably throw you out! Only kidding!)

Anita was across from our booth - that's Cotton Millworks and like I said, she'll be in the store with all of her fabulous threads on June 12th.

Greenwood was there too!  They had some fabulous stuff and it's really only a "day trip" to drive out there and back.  I even got some fabric - a Monopoly Board panel that was just too adorable to miss......

On the other side were Callisti and Dye-Versions, fabulous stuff!  I dropped a few dollars at Callisti's booth because I am working on some Sashiko pieces and I have this great idea which I will eventually share with you all once I have it all worked out..........Libby did damage at Dye-Versions!  It's really hard to resist those hand-dyes!  Both vendors are at the shows and sell on-line so check them out!

Quilter's Palette, on Dundas Street West, and Ruti's from Streetsville were also there!  I was lusting after a number of fabrics at Quilter's Palette but I think I'll go by the store and see what else they have.  Ruti's had some fabulous kits - like the quilt hanging in the picture!

I could not resist taking a picture of A.J.'s shoes/boots!  They are pink, white and black patchwork!  She got them in Florida (where else!).  She wears them with her 'star" socks!  Adorable!

....and Barb working hard! NOT!

This is our booth!  So now you all to have plan your own Shop Hop - Cock-A-Doodle, Quilter's Palette, Ruti's then fly out to Guelph or up to Shelburne and do the other two!  Seriously - just get a small group of friends together and do it!  Believe it or not, with all the vendors that were there and I may have forgotten one or two - the great thing was, none of us had the same things!  I honestly did not see any duplications, be it fabric or kits or books!  It was fabulous and we all had a great time, although I can guarantee we were all pooped after three days!

There was one more thing I wanted to share with you - as you walked in to the Neilson Community Centre there was this amazing paper sculpture which I could not resist taking pictures of - 

It really is amazing!  Some really talented people at the centre......we had a great time!  I'd like to thank the Etobicoke Quilters' Guild for including us again in their fabulous show! 

On that note - it's Thursday evening and I am heading home to get my fill of Gray's Anatomy and do some piecing, sashiko or quilting - or maybe a little of everything......have a great evening everyone!

Happy Quilting!


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Barb said...

Could you possibly have taken a less attractive photo of me???? Only my new passport photo rivals that one. That's not my best side ya know!! lol