Saturday, March 20, 2010


.....a minute to sit down and rest after a whirlwind week (and catch up on the blog!).  Monday was Sit & Sew and although I was there, I was buried under an avalanche of paperwork.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was lucky enough to take a workshop from a very talented quilter/fibre artist, Anna Hergert.  York Heritage Quilters' Guild invited Anna as their speaker for the March meeting and she absolutely blew us away with her amazing works of art.  The workshop was Mystical Molas - which are unfortunately still a mystery to me......although Anna is a fabulous teacher.  So much so, I plan on inviting her to teach at the store!  We won't be doing Molas though - check out her website at  You will see what I mean......

While I was out having fun Elaine was teaching her Self-Portrait class and Kelly came by today with her (almost) finished piece......just too adorable!

Of course whenever it rains, it pours!  We received a huge order of new stuff which needed to be priced and put out ......  we got in the most gorgeous baby flannels!  I had almost forgotten that I had ordered them back in October but they arrived this week....
We also got in the most gorgeous Michael Miller - Krystal fat quarter bundles and the price is amazing......
We also got some new books in - speaking of which I have ordered more Fun with Bundles!  We got it in and they are gone already!  I took one for the store and for the record the projects will make up great lap quilts (I'm using some of the patterns to make up charity quilts for our York Heritage group).  came home and cut one out tonight - may even get something sewn after I finish the blog!  I digress - the new books also have some great projects in them....and one is a quilting book!
Last night was Sit & Sew and boy was it packed.........we were spread out into the store - it was great!  I even got to work on my teacup blocks for the borders on the Sweet Tea quilt!  (There's a waiting list for these Friday night Sit & Sew's - we may have to start another one!)
Okay, I have to share these pics!  Talk about organized (I am so jealous!)  - Julia brought in her tool kit!  Check this out - a place for everything and everything in it's place!  I love it!
....and she's marked everything with labels so everything goes back where it belongs!
It really doesn't  get better than this - I'm seriously thinking of getting myself a fishing tackle box like this!  It would be great to keep the store supplies in one too - what a great idea!
So - there was actually some work getting done as well!  Laurissa has completed the third Postcard from Japan quilt and I'm not sure if you can see but she has matched the binding to the quilt background - it is stunning........
(Picture looks weird because the quilt was hanging over the chair so I took it upside down!)  Lisa is working on a quilt she saw at the Mississauga Quilt Show which was originally shown in Mark Lipinski's magazine - Quilter's Home - it is going to be stunning!
We all managed to get alot done - I didn't get home until 1:30 a.m. and had a hard time getting to sleep because all I really wanted to do was quilt......  On that note I think that is exactly what I am going to do!

Happy Quilting!


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Janet P. said...

I am so glad you're planning to have Anna Hergert come back to Toronto to teach at the store! She has so much creativity to share.