Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lots accomplished!

I feel like I had two "Elaine" days in a row!  What is an "Elaine" day, it's one where you accomplish a whole lot of stuff in one single day (when I read Elaine's blog, I am exhausted by all that she accomplishes in a day).

I just got home about 15 minutes ago (it's 2:29 A.M.) after spending the evening quilting with friends.  We decided to quilt at the store because of the space (we can just spread out) and the lighting in the classroom is great!  I managed to almost finish the borders on the mystery quilt - sorry no picture yet! 

We went for dinner first at Zets (Dixon Road across from the airport) and had a fabulous meal.  Barb had the Chicken Souvlaki Dinner (delicious!), while Libby, Suzi and I had Fish & Chips (fabulous!), they still make those delicious homemade fries!  Then off to pick up our quilting gear and meet at the store.

Libby was quilting this adorable Mushroom Quilt - she wouldn't let me take a picture until she finishes, probably tomorrow!  That's okay because it is destined to hang in the store for a bit - it's a free pattern we'll be giving out!

Suzi finished the Circles tablerunner top, she took Elaine's class in February and it is stunning......It's really hard to see how gorgeous this is from the picture, but trust me - it's gorgeous!
I can't believe the amount of quilting I've been able to do in the past two days!  Finishing the Red Work top yesterday and now very close to completing the Mystery Quilt top too!  Plus - I even did some hand applique last night while I was watching The Bridge....and I put a huge dent in the organization of all the paperwork in my office.  I actually spent close to 8 hours today just sorting through all the paperwork!  I cleaned off one of two yes, I had an "Elaine" day, in fact two in a row and I think I'm going to go for a third.......What can I say - she inspires me while at the same time exhausting me!  I think she says - "Prioritze, Focus, Win!" and it works!

Barb suggested I give you "real" pics of the new fabrics we got in last week (because I actually only showed you bolt ends in the picture I first posted).  She's got some kind of quilty idea brewing and she wants to make sure everyone sees this fabric before it disappears......

First, the Trains.......

Then the planes......hmmm, I don't see the A380 Airbus there.....

Then the motorcycles.......choppers I think!

...and last the streaks?!?!

She is right, the picture I posted does not show you how great these fabrics are!  Can't wait to see what she has in mind for these!

On that note - I better get myself off to bed or I won't accomplish anything tomorrow.......

Happy Quilting!


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