Friday, April 23, 2010

I promised.......

to show you Sharon's blocks, but before I do that - today was our "New" Thursday Sit & Sew (we started this in January and we are already filling up the spaces available).  It works the same way as the Monday Sit & Sew and yes - lunch is served (with a smile sometimes!)!

Linda shared her Turning Twenty quilt with us, she was stitching on her binding.  It is done in Orientals and it really looks awesome!  She fussy cut the Koi Fish and they appear throughout the quilt.....really cool!

But what was more fun was watching and listening to Rosalie, Helen and Raili while they worked on their Border Creek Mystery Quilt.  Wondering out loud what the next clue is - and why there is a space in the middle of the applique block and trying to get "a clue" from me!  As if!

Raili is sitting here with Linda as they try to sort out the blocks she's done and what happened to baggie B and she gave Karen 30 blocks because she thought she had too many and maybe that was baggie B......etc....
Linda is trying to hold back from just taking it all over and organizing it for you can see why!  All I can say is - have fun!  ...and I don't think Raili is doing the applique part!?!?!

It was a busy day at the store and it didn't die down because Elaine came in to teach Machine Applique.  From what I could see and hear, the girls really learned alot and they had a great time!  Wish I had taken that class - always need to brush up, but I was busy doing something else......Here they are getting some first hand tips from the pro.....

So what was I busy with?????  I was putting the Red Work blocks into a quilt top!  It is coming out stunning!  I will show it to you once it's done but first I will share the first 6 blocks of the quilt.

Sharon has done some exquisite work on these blocks and they deserve to be featured individually......

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

and Block 6

Her stitching is so wonderful (if you want to see them up close, just click on the picture and it will get bigger) and I will have 6 more blocks to share as well as the quilt top tomorrow I hope.....I was almost finished the 3rd row when "Sonia" (my Janome) suddenly decided she doesn't work overtime!  She's very sensitive and decided she needed to be that time Elaine was winding up the class and Barb had come by to visit so we decided to go grab a bite to eat.  I thought I'd come back and finish up but it was 11:30 P.M. by the time we got back to the store......I gave Sonia a quick cleaning, checked to see if she would stitch properly and then decided she was right and called it a night.....

I'm actually going to go straight to bed as soon as I sign off - that way I know I will be able to get back to work on that quilt in the morning.....

Goodnight and Happy Quilting!


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