Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For the timid machine quilter...

I'm very excited about a new book that we just received that will be perfect for those of us (yes, that includes me!) who haven't perfected the art of free-motion quilting. I just can't get my hands, feet and brain to all work together. I need more practice I'm sure, but in the meantime ...

"Fool Proof Machine Quilting" by Mary Mashuta offers lots of great information on how to use your walking foot to create some really effective straighline and gently curved quilting effects. I'm eager to try some of these ideas and I'm sure you will be too.

The book explores the world beyond stitch-in-the-ditch, showing various ways to "create beautiful machine quilting with your home sewing maching -- no free-motion required."

This would be a great adjunct to Carolyn Flood's "Machine Quilting Techniques" class on Tuesday, October 21.

Happy Quilting!

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