Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's official!

The store is closed.  I would like to thank all of my fabulous customers for supporting me in my quilting dream.  

There are a number of reasons I made the decision to close.  The first one is my health.  I am about to begin another round of chemotherapy which will have extreme side effects.  There is no way I could get through the chemo and run the store, and although I have some really fabulous friends who would have stepped up here, it would still require me to be available.  

Needless to say, when the landlord chose to lock me out instead of discussing the issue, I realized that over the next few months, which are the slowest of the year, that I would constantly be under stress wondering if he would do it again if I was late with the rent.  Stress is not a great thing when you are already facing illness.

The other reason is, although I made the right move in terms of location for many of my TTC customers, it turned out that being situated next to a dance studio was not the right move for the business.  As I found with the last newsletter, people were not signing up for classes like they used to and that is a huge part of the business.  There were definite rumblings about the noise which sometimes emanated from next door.

I will not go quietly - the plan is to continue doing my pattern designs and I have some other great quilt ideas up my sleeve.  As I begin chemo on the 10th of July, you may not be hearing from me in regards to new designs and patterns but, I will try to keep you updated on my progress and I did promise to finish my Amish With A Twist, along with a few other projects that I had started in the store.

I would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has helped and given moral support over the past two weeks.  Liz, who took over the cash, served as my taxi service and made sure I ate properly.  Leeane and Gail who helped set up the store for the sale, came in untiringly to cut fabric and help with everything.  Linda, my rock, for everything she has done for the past few months to help me get through the tough days.  Laurissa, who is tall enough to reach all the tough stuff and did some major hauling of boxes and bags.
Diannah who can clear a thread rack in seconds and managed to keep Gillian busy.  Last but not least, Gillian, without her I would have just walked away and left it all!!!!  She was the driving force behind the re-opening of the store, the sale and everything that went to Value Village in the end.  She left no stone unturned, if it could fit in the car it made it to VV.

For all who would like to know, the balance of the fabric, books and patterns have gone to very worthy causes.  East Toronto Quilters Guild for Linus quilts, etc.,  Etobicoke Quilters Guild for comfort quilts, Mississauga Quilters Guild for their placemats program and Healing Heroes (Quilts of Valour) for our service men and women.  I am also happy to report that a number of the store samples (7) have been donated to the flood victims in Calgary.

I decided not to take any pictures of the end!  The end is a new beginning for me - hopefully one that includes good health!  I am looking forward to a new chapter in my quilting journey.  Hopefully many of you will come with me!!!

Happy Quilting!



Mary-Kay Colman said...

I shall miss your store when I'm in the Toronto area. Too bad you had to close but sometimes health must come first. I hope your chemo goes great. I'll look forward to seeing all your designs. Good luck with all your future endeavours!

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry to hear this news -- your health is, of course, the first concern. But that you have had to close the store is a close second. I hadn't realized things were so close to the edge -- I will miss the place and the great people I met there, even if I wasn't there a lot.

All the best to you! I shall continue to watch the blog if you intend to keep it going. And I'd love for you to see Jane when I get her finished this year!

Anne Sarsfield

Lynn Pelley said...

I'm going to miss the store but we will keep in touch. Take good care of yourself and know that we're thinking of you.

Lynn and Marcella

Jo-Ann's Creations, Trials and Tribulations! said...

You will all be missed! It is the one thing that actually brings tears to my eyes! You are the best customers and friends and your support is what got me through the last 2+ years. Please keep in touch and I will try and keep updated-I am blogging everyday on Jo-Ann's Creations, Trials & Tribulations - check the side bar for the favourite blogs.....

Jan said...

Joann I sent you an email to cockadoodle but want you to know I am praying for a good outcome.I hope the chemo is not too onerous for you. Be good to yourself and rest so the bad cells are sent running.
Shannon o.