Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some great ideas and more........

It's Friday night and it seems that Barb and I usually end up staying to sew at the store after closing, unless of course it is an official Friday night "Sit and Sew" then we mostly end up cooking, cleaning and cutting fabric......

So I was busy quilting the "Kitty" quilt I started before our trip to Pittsburgh and I turned around to find Barb making these little pillows..... Absolutely adorable but what are they????? They are "Kitty" pillows filled with catnip and a little fiberfill - the cats just love to bat them around. She made them with paw print fabric and used the wave rotary blade to finish off the edges. What a great idea!Our second great idea - Judith whipped up this little cloth book which we have in the store which tells the story of two kitties who go outside. It's a really cute little story and a great gift easily done in an afternoon.....completely washable and you can embellish the pages if you choose and do some additional quilting on it.......a really great gift for your favourite little boy or girl!

Of course I couldn't finish off the day without telling you all about the new fabric that came in.....luscious orientals!......and Nancy has displayed them quite nicely in a basket for you to see! These were absolutely irresistable so I had to pick them up!

We're happy to report that there's more where these came from and we should be seeing some new arrivals shortly.

In the meantime we have replenished our supply of Marti Michell templates and books, we have received our new monthly books from That Patchwork Place and we also have a new supply of rulers, rotary cutters and mats in all sizes which should be priced and out on the floor sometime this weekend!

Come on in and visit for awhile - the coffee's always on and we'll put the kettle on for tea if you prefer! Come in and say HI!

Happy Quilting!


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