Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two places at once.......

This past Saturday and Sunday we were at the Brampton Quilt Show (still recovering) and I was also in the store Sunday because I had to cook lunch for our monthly "private" Sit & Sew.

We saw some awesome quilts at the show and Barb and I both wished we had taken more pictures but time was not on our's a few of what we managed to get pictures of - unfortunately we didn't get all of the names and info but if you were there and you have a program you will be able to find them.
Of late we are obsessed with table runners and table toppers so Barb found these and took some pics. They look amazing for a spring table.
This quilt was done by Linda Pierce (she was at our booth and mentioned she had a quilt in the show so I ran over to take a look). To say the very least, I was awe struck! This is her FIRST applique quilt! She also quilted it herself. It is just amazing and the details and embellishments are fabulous!
Naturally, I could not walk past this one - it is redwork and was staring me in the face the whole time we were at the show as it was facing our booth. Barb said, leave it to me to find a rooster!
This quilt has a history for me (it's not mine) but the label said it took 4 years. I can only say Congratulations!. I bought the "Block of the Month" at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Show in 2000 and I still haven't finished it - is that a record or what???? Maybe some day in between store samples, etc. I will get it done.......
No - we did not shrink this photo! This is a grandmother's garden in miniature and it is absolutely AWESOME! I believe it won 1st prize in the Challenge Quilts. Everything was right about this one, choice of fabric, embellishments, and amzing workmanship - KUDOS!
In the meantime I was back at the store.........
The girls showed up on time, 7 instead of the usual 4 and I was busy preparing their favourite lunch of Meatball Sandwiches and Salad. Chocolate Cake for dessert......I left shortly after lunch to head for the Brampton Quilt Show and help load up the car at the end of the day (Barb had help during the day from one of our favourite customers Libby who also spent some time shopping around).
Before I left we had Show and Share - these girls are so industrious! They just churn out after the other. Here is one of Cathy's quilts with pillows (left top corner of quilt).
This one is Gail's and is made from the Lakehouse Hydrangea line. Hard to see but the border is pieced squares. It really is a beautiful quilt.
This one is a baby quilt from a "free" Thangles pattern for 6" Thangles. It really comes out nice. We actually had kitted this pattern for baby quilts. Gail picked her own fabrics and bought the Thangles. The group has made a couple of these great baby quilts. (In the background, on the design wall is a black and white that Christina is working on - can't wait to see that one finished...) Yes Elaine, those are still Libby's blocks on the design wall! It's a challenge to see how long they can stay there all alone.....will she do some more, will she finish that quilt!
Two years ago the "gang" did a Mystery Quilt Class at the store (I believe it was my first Mystery Quilt) and this is the result of Gail's Mystery Quilt......isn't it amazing! Trust me the picture does not do it justice.....
Last but not at all least is Cathy's "blue" quilt. I honestly cannot remember the name of the fabric line she used but it was a recent addition to our collections and it just came out beautiful! The border really finishes it off!
The month of April was so busy that I didn't even notice May sneak up! Three Quilt Shows and getting the newsletter out kept us pretty busy. I also finished the two quilt tops for Bubblegum Basics which are currently on our design wall. I will post some pics tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow - our Open House is tomorrow, Friday and Saturday and we certainly hope to see you all. We have a few surprises up our sleeves.... so don't miss it!
Happy Quilting!
Jo-Ann and all of my wonderful Chicks!

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