Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When I am determined.....

Went home last night, prepared to blog and found out my computer wouldn't read the photo card! Ugh!

Came in today and meant to blog in the morning - and there it went!

Got busy (bought some new fabric today - coming soon!) and then remembered I wanted to blog!

Downloaded the pictures and found out half of what I thought was on the photo card isn't - ugh! So I will share only a few pics tonight..... Thought you might like to see what happens when we get ready for an Open House - that was Rich the night before the Open House hanging Laurissa's Baskets and Stars! It's stunning and is hanging above the cash.........

Libby and Sadie came in last week to show us her Blue and Green quilt! It's gorgeous!

Sadie got busy fighting with our new store Mascot - he's a flying rooster - when he hits the floor he crows like a rooster!

On Monday Effie brought in her Grandma's Stars - the class she took with Sandy Lindal! I believe she is the first to bring it in finished although we did see Rosalie's almost done. Effie just has the quilting to do so we are waiting patiently for the Perl Cotton to arrive.

I was absolutely determined to blog today (since I missed yesterday)! Tomorrow I will take some pics of all the new stuff in the store and share!

There are still a few spaces open for the Applique Club on Friday night so get your names's gonna be alot of fun!

Happy Quilting!


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