Sunday, September 27, 2009

We had a blast!

I really meant to get these pics onto the blog yesterday but the store was hopping and then Barb and I made plans to scoot up to Michael's last night so she could pick up some yarn. They didn't have what she wanted but I managed to pick up a whole bunch of cool stuff for the Halloween Mystery Quilt Night.

Laurissa had called earlier and was talking about a Jennifer Chiaverini book, The Quilter's Kitchen, which has all the recipes in it from her books so off we went to Chapters. After buying up all the quilting magazines and finding another one of Jennifer's books, The Lost Quilter (newest I think) and not being able to resist buying Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol at the Woodbridge store, we found out they didn't have the book I came for. BUT!!!!! We checked the stock in their other stores and rushed down to Chapters on The Queensway to pick up The Quilter's Kitchen (they close at 10:00 P.M.). By that time we were famished so off we went to Perkin's on Dixon to have dinner at 10:30 P.M.. By the time we headed back to the store (we had to read the 4 quilting magazines at the restaurant) it was after time flies!

So here are all the wonderful projects everyone was working on Friday night....Below you can see Suzie's bunnies, in the top right is the beginning of Barb's Baltimore Album and in the top left is Annadel's Orchid from the class she took with Renske Helmuth last year....hey we all have UFO's, that's the reason we get together.......

This is the project Marianne is working on.........I should really take notes because I forget what the pattern is called.
Here's Laurissa working on a Baltimore Album block.....I can't remember how many she has done already.....

This is Virginia's and again I can't remember the name of this project, but she was also working on her Bears applique......
This is Liz's loon, she designed it herself from the photo you see here and it is absolutely stunning........
This is Debra's, just a small is gorgeous too, her fabric choices are wonderful - very William Morris!

Marlene is making an Iris quilt which she brought to work on - stunning blocks and again great choices of colour......
Okay, so the only one missing is me! Actually Sandy took my applique so I was working on some beading for a Sashiko piece I had finished. I very rarely get to do beading at home because of "the big brown blob" (Bosley the Chocolate Lab) as he tends to want to eat everything that fits in his you have to be very careful what falls within his reach.
We all had a wonderful evening and snacked on homemade Chocolate Chips and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Tea and Coffee while we worked. I got ambitious on Friday and baked.....a very rare occurence.
Just a reminder WE ARE CLOSED MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28th, 2009 for Yom Kippur. Open again Tuesday at 10:00 a.m..
Happy Quilting!

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