Sunday, July 24, 2011


We're all pretty busy here!  I worked Friday night and we also had Applique Club and I worked today......I started a small project which I will put borders on at home.

This is a miniature quilt, of course when I bought the pattern I thought it was full size but the larger HST's (Half Square Triangle) are 2-1/2" and the small ones are 1-1/2".

I hand picked each fabric from my stash and I have a couple of tips that might help you out when choosing a quilt like this.

TIP:  First, I made the HST's a little larger than required and then cut them down to size - the 2-1/2" size I made 3" and the 1-1/2" size I made 2", then cut them to size.

The second tip has a photo - which refers to the block with the 4 1-1/2" HST's.  I chain stitch them in order and when I cut them I leave the two matching pieces together (I don't cut the thread between them).  Then I lay them on the ironing board and face one to the left and the second one to the right and press them.  The seams are now pressed opposite each other and nestle nicely for a perfect match.  I then take it over to the machine and fold it over and sew my seam.
Karen and Raili stopped by today to "wow" me with a quilt top and sign up for the Cock A Doodle Quilt Club.  So the quilt top is the 2009 Buck-A-Block with a twist.  Instead of putting in the large plain blocks in between the HST blocks she designed a gorgeous Pinwheel Block which really looks fabulous!...I also love her dark border, it really frames the quilt.  From what I understand this quilt will be hanging at the York Heritage Show in November.......
 Last but not least, I got another Farmer's Wife block done this week.  I finally started hand piecing again to go with my blitz at cutting.....happy to get another one done.....
I also prepared lunch for tomorrow and will be there again in the morning to make lunch....

Come on by and say hi!!!!

Happy Quilting!


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