Monday, September 5, 2011

What a WEEKEND!!!!

Our wild weekend retreat was a hit!  When Laurissa came up with the idea to have a Labour Day Retreat Weekend we thought we would be celebrating the end of my chemo treatments.  In fact we are and we did but I am lucky in that my last treatment is on Wednesday September 7th, so I had almost two extra weeks to get my strength back for this event.  It's a good thing because I sure needed it.

If it wasn't for Laurissa and Barb I would have collapsed on Saturday but they were there to look after me, clean up, help with KP duty and take over the late nights.......I love you guys!

Now let's see what happened at the best retreat ever!  Karen worked on an amazing array of blocks with Raili and Linda contemplating the arrangement - very Gees Bend-ish!
Karen stood back to check out her work.......
...and as she continued to work - got everyone's opinion, mine only with the camera.....
Carole put the binding on her beautiful Log Cabin quilt - it's a wedding gift I believe....and stunning in Black, White and a touch of yellow.....She also presented me with a Comfort Shawl which I will have plenty of use for this week and in the weeks to come - thank you so much Carole!
Trudy laid out her Baltimore Album blocks on the cutting board (as you can see, Karen's quilt continues to grow on the design wall) and they are just awesome - Annadele is admiring them with all of us....

Linda is showing us a challenge quilt which Karen actually gave her and she will continue to work on.....
You've seen this one before, but Andie finished it this weekend - it's hand quilted and the binding went on - you can see it in person,  just down the Plaza from Cock A Doodle, hanging at Camden Towne is so amazing how gorgeous it is.  Her choice of fabrics are fabulous!
 Here it is - Karen's quilt - the final frontier!  It really is fantastic!  I can't wait to see it quilted - look out Tony, you're gonna need another King Size batting!!!
I missed out on getting a picture of Trudy's "chemo" quilt, it's the one she worked on the 16 hours she sat with me through two of my chemo sessions....but I will make her bring it in once she's finished quilting it....

I didn't get pictures of Annadele's stuff either - well one of them was her Border Creek Mystery and you won't see that until the REVEAL on September 22nd - and she had the other two projects up and off the design board way to fast.....I missed Barb's quilt too!...and Linda's quilt although it was up and down a few times, I wasn't sure if I was allowed to photograph it but maybe she'll bring it Thursday and I can get it then  ....and 'Rissa was working on some amazing applique that I missed.  But in my defense I was busy cooking alot!

Speaking of which - I had to get at least one picture of all of us eating!
The food was great, the company was great and I think I can safely say alot of quilting got done!  By the time we all left today I was admittedly pooped!!  But it was well worth it - I sure enjoyed it!

Our next retreat is the end of November, if you've never been, you should try it - there are still some spaces available!  We limit the retreats to 8 people so it fills up fast!  Think about it - it's loads of fun!

Happy Quilting!


P.S.  I should apologize, yet again, for taking so long between blogs but I was pretty busy this past month, working in the store, getting the newsletter out, finishing a business year end and then there was the chemo.  I've really got to get on a "blogging" schedule!!!!


Betweens said...

Looks like it was great fun! lots of quilting activity and so glad that you are able to enjoy the weekend with the help of devoted friends. Remember to take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Darling! Accomplishing anything while in chemo is huge! Please take care of yourself and be well.