Saturday, June 9, 2012

As usual.....

....time flies!  It seems I turn around and two weeks have gone by already!  I won't even begin to try to remember the last time I posted on my "personal" blog.

I decided to take a few moments on this quiet Saturday afternoon to post a few words.....

The quilt below is one of the fabulous Valentine Bargello quilts from Carolyn's class in April.  Sandy chose to do hers in neutrals and it really came out beautiful, thought I'd share it with all of you. 

 The quilt below is from our April Mystery Quilt - Marlene chose a gorgeous Lilac fabric she didn't want to cut up with two contrasts and it really came out beautiful.  I like hers better than mine and I wrote the pattern!!! 
 Here we are last Friday - redecorating again - NOT!  I came in last Friday morning during that vicious rain only to find the front of the store flooded by 3 roof leaks - lovely!  Most of it has been fixed but there is still one leak in the front.....I'll have to celebrate once it's all back to normal!  Maybe a SALE!!!!
Tonight from 6:00 until 9:00 P.M., Carolyn is teaching Serendipity and I decided I would finally take a class!  It's a Saturday evening and I don't really have to do much to prepare so......I thought I would have some fun too!
I've always loved this piece and Carolyn makes it look so easy!  Sometimes when I'm sitting in front of the TV I don't really feel like knitting or hand-piecing or applique so why not find yet another addiction!!!!!  You'll have to look on my blog though for any progress, at least until it's done and wait until you see what I found in my stash at home - HORRORS!!!!  Who knew I had so much yarn......Class starts at 6:00 if you feel like getting out of the house tonight.....

Happy Quilting!


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