Thursday, April 2, 2009

Curved Piecing

Sunday's Curved Piecing Workshop was a great success. Ten students came to learn the mysteries of curved piecing and discovered that curves are not to be feared. Elaine demonstrated lots of different techniques and ways to cut at stitch curves ... curved templates, circle cutters, free hand curves and much, much more. Elaine is a great teacher and all the students left no longer afraid of stitching curves. I will definitely be signing up for this class the next time it's offered.

Because the amateur photographer was at the helm that day (me!!) some of my photos were just too dreadful to publish here. And before I could get photos of some of the samples the class was working on, they had packed everything up. Ooooops!!

As you probably know, Jo-Ann took last weekend off to get some much needed rest. Seems that while she was enjoying her R&R she came up with some kind of brilliant idea ... a sale perhaps??? ... starting this weekend. Details are sketchy at the moment so stay tuned. I'm sure all will be revealed soon. :-)

Happy Quilting ....

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