Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a show......

The Mississauga Quilters Guild Show is at the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre, a wonderful venue for any show. There are about 8 vendors in the Merchant Mall. There is a Guild Market as well as a lovely Tea Room and absolutely wonderful quilts.
Not to mention "happy" customers........
I fell in love with this quilt and the next one.....both the same pattern. I am jealous of anyone who does this kind of quilting with these tiny squares.....they should all be put in the same "Crazy House" with rooms next to each other and that includes our own Nancy who loves doing these tiny little pieces....Think about it - not only are they small but so precisely pieced together! You must be insane (I have two started at home!).....will I ever finish one???? I challenge myself to get it done for the next quilt show!!!!
I mean seriously.........
This quilt pattern is one I always loved (I bet I have it in the house somewhere)and seeing it finished has made me think.....should I?????
Virginia Rothwell's baby quilt won best hand quilting! It is so cute and I'll tell you a little secret! (You see the baby with the ball in the top left corner - while nobody is looking - press down on the ball - it squeaks!) Too precious! and you have to see the label - adorable!
This is Marian Madryga's quilt which I have always loved! She first saw the picture in Quilters Home Magazine and then duplicated the quilt right down to the ribbons and beading.....this picture does not come close to doing it justice!
What can I say about Darlene Jenah's quilt - it won best hand applique! It is absolutely stunning, she does such beautiful work. Not sure where she finds the time - but so glad that she does!
The last picture of the day was of Nancy shopping......we have all been spending money at the show. It's great that there is so much product out there no one store can carry it all so we all find stuff to buy!
We'll be there again tomorrow and then we wrap it up for this week. Next weekend we will be at the Halton Hills Quilt Guild Show at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington......more quilts to drool over! Can't wait!
I'm going to make it an early night tonight - get some sleep and dream about all the quilts I'm making in my sleep!
Happy Quilting!
Jo-Ann and Nancy (coming to you live from the Mississauga Quilters Guild Show)


Betweens said...

Wasn't that a great show!! I saw your Chicks there and they looked like they were very busy!! The members boutique was a great place to be as well.
Got to visit the Newmarket quilt show too.. just as wonderful Everyone was busy this winter..there must have been lots of snow

Nancy said...

Actually in that picture Nancy was doing some shopping for Barb....

Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks for posting pictures of the show. We just didn't get back in time.