Thursday, July 2, 2009

Books, books, books!

We've been getting in a lot of new books and I have been meaning to "blog" about them but then, other stuff comes up and they just get forgotten so I thought that tonight I would just do books. There are some repeats here because they have been popular as well as some really great new books!

Prairie Children and Their Quilts by Kathleen Tracy is a repeat. It consists of "14 Little Projects That Honor the Pioneer Spirit". This book is great for the beginner as well as the experienced quilter and will give you a number of great small wall quilts or table toppers, (Great gifts!) while allowing you to perfect or try different techniques.
Judith, Mary and Sharon made up three of these great little quilts and they are hanging in the store.
What is there to say about Quilt In a Day! Bears in the Woods is an old favourite which has a number of great blocks and projects including applique! There are some great "cottage" projects as well as a fabulous tree skirt (Christmas isn't that far off!)

Another Quilt In a Day book is Tenessee Waltz - also an oldie but a goodie. We're thinking of teaching this one in the fall. (Comments welcome!) Doesn't look like much on the cover but it's really a very pretty quilt.

If you check out Monday's blog you will see I mentioned this one! Scrap Basket Surpises by Kim Brackett! Fabulous quilts in this one (18 Projects)! It went so fast the first time we got it in, we had to order more!
Quilting your Style by Leah Fehr is all about embellishing techniques and there are some really great ideas in this one. From threadwork to buttons!
Four Patch Frolic by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson has 15 great projects using 5" and 10" squares. I'm actually drooling over some of these quilts! (No- I am not starting another project! - I'm into finishing right now!)
Warm Welcome by Mary Hickey - what can I say, there are never enough books for baby quilts! This one has about 17 projects and I can safely say there isn't one that I wouldn't make......(hopefully I won't have 17 baby quilts to make this year - so far I know of only 2!)
When we place our book orders we tend to order 4 of each new title, well this one went out the door almost faster than it arrived. Bold and Beautiful by Judi Dains is just one of those books you have to have! It's described as ARTFUL QUILTS FROM JUST ONE FABRIC and the technique is not only innovative but fun along with the embellishment ideas!
A Baltimore Album by Marsha D. Radtke is an AQS publication chock full of everything you need to know to start that Baltimore Album quilt you've been meaning to make.......
I Beleive has arrived, has arrived! Yup it arrived twice! We sold out the first time.......this book is from Art to Heart and goes with the Nancy Halvorsen line of fabric from Benartex.....which is already in the store and going fast! There are some really great Christmas projects in this book as well as great gift ideas!
For now, I think that's about it for the books but in going through our extensive collection of great books I'm sure I'll find more to tell you soon!

Happy Quilting!


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I could sure go for that Balitmore Album book it looks awesome...Christmas!! wholly cow