Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clearly I wasn't thinking......

I completely missed Canada Day! Well I didn't exactly miss it - I spent it with quilting friends and we had a wonderful lunch and did some hand work (I admittedly brought along my knitting) but it was a lovely way to spend the day!

However, I did want to show off the "flag" Kathy made from a great pattern which we have in the store.....
Barb and I expected to spend a quiet day getting stuff up to date and just clearing up some lose ends......well, it was the first Saturday of the month and that's when Healing Heroes meets in our classroom. We didn't expect many to show up but lo and behold we had 8 bodies industriously working away and boy do they produce.

Leave it to Nancy to produce another gorgeous "summertime" window for us. It really shows off all the nautical fabrics we carry as well as that fabulous Ship Shape quilt which will be available as a kit in the very near future. (Barb and I thought we might get them ready today - but things were hopping at the store so we never got a chance).

I went home and collapsed for an hour thinking I would watch some TV and get some hand quilting done but I fell asleep and then ended up hanging out on the porch for the evening. The house is clean so (wow I love that feeling) I just have to my weekly clean/vacuum tomorrow and I'm off to the store.......what a great feeling! But, I really have to get downstairs to my studio and start using it like it was meant to be used!

Happy quilting!


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Anonymous said...

I meant to ask how the clean house was coming along!! It sure is a great feeling - keep up the good work!! And hey - more time to sew!!