Sunday, March 11, 2012

A gorgeous day!!!!

It really was an exceptional day today and what a day for the St. Patrick's Day Parade!!!  We set a record it seems......absolutely glorious!
I was very busy teaching today - Beginner Machine Piecing and Quilting and I have to tell you, I am really excited about this class.  When I first started teaching this class I had designed a quilt to highlight certain techniques and blocks and it was an "okay" quilt and pattern but I just wasn't happy with it.  Since the last class in September I have completely "revamped" the class and am much, much happier.  Last night I spent 5 hours on EQ6 designing my "ultimate" beginner quilt and I am soooooo pleased.  You can get some excerpts from my personal blog -

Right now - I am bringing you up to date about what's happening at the store.  Thursday was Graduation Day for our Sock Knitters - and we have two completed socks to show off -

Linda V. finished her first sock -
Cathie finished her first sock -
- and there are 4 more "firsts' on their way to being finished.  We are very quickly running out of sock yarn at the store, I'll definitely have to get some more in - more colours too!  I just love the way these variegate......So we've made a pact with the sock knitters - they are allowed to come to Applique Club and work on their knitting!!!!  We may have to rename this monthly Friday nite group to - Just Don't Bring A Machine Night!!!!  Any kind of hand work goes!

Many of you ask me what Barb is up to these days, well aside from working in the store Sunday afternoons and helping me out in every way she can (especially with computer related stuff!) she's busy "beading"!!!  How does this affect us - well, take a look at these gorgeous Scissor FOBs we are now selling in the store -
 Personally I just want to grab them all and adorn all of my scissors but I am restraining myself so that you can all have your pick - I can't wait to see her new ones - she's working on MORE!!!!

Okay - I really have to get back to that Mystery Quilt so I can bring that gorgeous bolt of fabric back to the store......

Happy Quilting!


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