Saturday, March 3, 2012

We've got it!

I have been a very busy "bee" the past two weeks!  At what you ask?!?!  Check it out!
Our new DMC tower is filled up!  Right next to
a great assortment of #8 Pearl Cotton
That's right, we now carry the full range of DMC Floss.  It took nearly two weeks to get it entered into the inventory and a lot of cursing (and help - thanks Barb!) to get it onto the carousel but it is ready to go.....I'm just thinking of all the projects I can use it on!!!!

We've had quite a few classes this week also which were really fun!  Fiona was in on Wednesday evening to teach Photo Expansion and wait until you see what her students came up with..... 
 Fabienne's bicyclette.....
 ..the extension is so amazing!
 Florals always work well with this extension.....
 Check out the cutest little sewing machine ever!!!!
 Kay also chose a floral photo.......
 Helen chose a beach scene......
..and used hand painted fabric, sometimes that's what works!

One of these days I am going to take advantage of this class - I already have something in mind and I know I can even use some of that floss I just showed you to do a little embellishment, make it 3 dimensional as well as extended.....As usual it is only time that is not on my side!!!!  Every once in a while I do treat myself to a class so maybe the next time.....

Today Laurissa was in to teach Rain Drops - everyone loves that quilt so at least once a year it ends up as a class....there is however, another Judy Neimeyer pattern that I adore and I really want her to teach that first I have to get the fabrics in and then I can take the class!  Here's what came from today's class -

This is Cheryl's - done by hand....I might add!
This one belongs to Gail S....bright and beautiful!
Gail H. is working on something completely different!
Her Lucky Stars quilt - but check out her hand dyed fabric!
I think I may just get some of this into the store - it's gorgeous!
Jean has started with some blues and greens - awesome!
This one is Lucy's and I just love it - like sunshine!

I think everyone is pretty happy with their progress and the end result will be absolutely spectacular!  Whether you do this by hand or by machine this quilt is gorgeous!

Barb dropped by this week and she was wearing this spectacular necklace which she made.....I had to show it off again, in case you haven't seen it before....I really love these colours too!
I can't do this blog without mentioning that on Thursday Linda V. was able to show off one of her "house" blocks for the Christmas Club - I'm so proud of her - this is quite the achievement and an awesome block....
Now I can show off one of my "beginner" students.  Sharon has been working diligently for weeks on her Yellow Brick Road and here are her blocks, all ready to be sewn together.  Looks like her daughter will have her quilt pretty soon!  Way to go Sharon and next week we do borders!!!!
And lat but not least, our sock knitters are about to graduate this coming week!  Looks like we'll be knitting socks for a while to come so we've decided to keep a few choice sock yarns in the store....check these out!
It's been a busy week with another busy week to come - drop in and see us!  There's always something happening at the store, and the coffee or tea are always available....

Happy Quilting!


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