Saturday, February 25, 2012

You have to see this!

I have to admit this may be the longest quilt I've had the opportunity to see in my store but it is truly phenomenal!  It is the 100th Anniversary Quilt being made for King George Junior Public School.  All of the children who are attending this year own a part of this quilt.  It will hang in the school behind plexiglass and if you're in the area you should really drop in to see it!

 Here's Anna and Jane choosing a border to frame the quilt.
 I beleive the measurement across was 158 inches (Anna will correct me if I'm wrong) without borders.

It is going to be "ginormously" (combo of gigantic and enormous) spectacular!  Kudos ladies for a job well done!!!!  Bet the kids had a great time too!

Here's a great tip that we got from a very organized customer.....She was walking around the store and pulled out a "business card organizer" and I was watching her holding it up to fabrics.  My curiousity of course, finally got the better of me and I asked her what it was......
 She bought a business card organizer at the dollar store and she stores fabrics from her projects, including selvage edges so that when she shops for more fabric and co-ordinating fabrics she just pulls it out of her purse and Voila!  What a fabulous idea!  She can always see what she needs and if it co-ordinates.....
 Both of the above stories occurred on Thursday.  It is now Saturday at 5:45 P.M. and I finally had a chance to sit down and blog.....Carolyn was in to teach today - Jiffy Bags in the morning, which I did not get pictures of, but everyone got a bag almost completed and they were awesome.  This afternoon she taught Hanging Gardens - what a fabulous class!

 Everyone was busy working hard and what came out of this class was fabulous!  While Carolyn was teaching one of our new customers came in and managed to buy one of her samples for Hanging Garden (right side piece) so she'llhave to make me a new one for the display.

I wish I could have sat in on both classes but someone needs to work!  Everyone had a fun time and I think they are all going home to work on their masterpieces and start new's one of those techniques that produces endless hours of creativity!

Coming up next week -
     Tuesday evening - Sampler Club (Dear Jane, Farmer's Wife, etc.)
     Wednesday evening - Photo Expansion with Fiona
     Saturday all day - Rain Drops (lunch included)

Something new and exciting!!!  I have been asked to teach a Beginner's Quilt Piecing and Quilting by Machine to teens during the March Break which is the week of March 12th - 16th.  If you know anyone who is interested it will take place Tuesday Mar 13, Wed Mar 14 and Fri Mar 16 from 10:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M..  Call the store for more details and ask for me....

In the meantime I'm on my way out the door and home to quilt, piece and just generally have a great night!!!

Happy Quilting!


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