Thursday, February 16, 2012

A bit of news.....

Last night was the first "class" night.  We hosted a free class to show off our February Feature book and pattern.

Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilts

We had a fabulous's one of those books that gives you an "idea" of how to do the quilt block and then lets you loose with it and although I wouldn't let the ladies cut up their own fabrics last night (we were experimenting) - I had fun cutting up some great border fabric we had in the store.....

My attempt is currently up on the design wall and hopefully some time today I'll get it sewn up so you can see the effect.....This is really a fun quilt and the method is contagious, I am already thinking about all the borders I can play with in the store.....

Tonight is Barb's first Sock Knitting class which to my surprise is full!!!  She is always walking around with a "sock" in her bag and pulls it out whenever she has a free moment to work on it....  A few customers suggested we run a class and voila!!!  Who knew....  Looks like we will be stocking some sock yarns in the future!

Saturday morning is our Christmas Club meeting and I can't wait to get pics of all the great blocks everyone is working on....

Sunday - Beginner Quilt classes begin - Hand Piecing and Quilting and Machine Piecing and Quilting.  Lucky Stars starts next Wednesday.  Check the website for all the classes coming up.  There are a few spaces available so don't procrastinate and don't miss out.

I have been mega busy this last month and I haven't really had time to post all the wonderful quilts everyone has brought in.... You all know how I love sharing customer quilts (I quilt vicariously through my customers!)....I get to see so many quilts that I want to do and just haven't got the time.....

Chris brought this one in last month on a Thursday Sit & Sew and we all just oooed and ahhhhed!  It is such a fabulous scrap quilt....

Linda brought this in last month at our Friday night Sit & Sew.  This is another quilt pattern I would love to do...I just love the crispness of the blue and white.

This quilt is also one of my uses an overall floral and all the work is in the borders.  The outside border is scalloped after it's quilted.  Gillian and I worked on the scalloping about a week ago.  Hopefully I'll get to take one more photo before she gives it away to her friend who's favourite colour is purple.

Shirley brought this one in to share and pick borders.  She was thrilled with the way it turned out after I helped her pick the fabric.  I love One Block Wonder and have had one of my own in the works for a couple of years.  This may have inspired me to work on it some time soon.....  I can't wait to see this with the borders we chose.

Stashbusters Club Update

The first meeting of the Stashbusters Club took place last Thursday - we meet the second Thursday of the month and our next meeting is March 8th.  We discussed a number of great books for stashbusting as well as a few patterns.  The ladies got a free pattern and Linda shared her "9 Patch Exchange" quilt.  It's not finished yet but it is really spectacular.....she uses her 9 patches in the body of the quilt as well as the border.  These quilts are great stashbusters.

 Which brings me to the reason I showed Linda's quilt.  Cockadoodle Quilts with the help of Sandy Lindal is hosting a 9 Patch Exchange.  We are currently taking names and will be setting up groups to take part.  This is a free exchange and we will be offering some demos in conjunction with this program to help you all achieve beautifully completed quilts.....  So get your name in quickly so we can all get started!!!

Here are a few quilts that Sandy brought in to share with us, all made from 9 Patch Exchanges she was involved with.  They are all amazing....
 Simple design which is very deceiving - almost looks like a 4 Patch
 On Point with stars - just gorgeous!
 Sandy used some of the blocks in her binding too!
Classic setting, very effective!

I can't wait to see all the fabulous quilts that will come out of this exchange!  I'm very excited about this program and I do plan to be part of it!!!!  Come in and sign up or just give us a call and we'll reserve your space.  This is a part of our Stashbusters Club but does not require "membership" in the club!

That's almost all the news!  The rest is just about all the changes slowly happening in the store (because I am slow! and there are only 24 hours in the day).  We are slowly getting things organized and re-stocking everything that's been missing, including fabrics!  Takes a bit of time but I am certainly excited about it!  Come in and check us out!!!!

Happy Quilting!


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