Saturday, February 18, 2012

A quick note!

So, from Wednesday nights class, the Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilts, I cut out the cat border fabric and placed it on the board.  (Note the PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE sign!)  I am spacially challenged and knew that if this quilt came down - it would never go up again the same way so, with determination I started piecing it Thursday morning.  I will not tell you how many times I had to "unsew" to get it right.  It's funny that from removing it from the design wall and walking to my machine across the room the "quilting elves" managed to change my blocks around so that when I sat down to sew, I sewed them the wrong way.....happens to everyone!
 Finally finished the top Friday night at Sit & Sew, I even have a few of the side borders on but need to cut more fabric so it will have to wait a few days before I finish it......

I am happy with the patterns that formed from the movement of the blocks.  It's taking all my will power not to grab a few of those bolts of fabric up at the front of the store and start chopping and sewing.....I can see where this method can become addictive.  It was fun!!!  See Virginia, I think it came out great - can't wait to see yours!
 Friday night was Sit & Sew and we had a great time.  Linda is making a growth chart for her grandson that is just awesome....the fabric for the giraffe is "fur" like and so soft, you just want to keep petting the giraffe.  It really is adorable.
 This is Gillian's take on Liberated Quilting - a class she took with Elaine last spring.  This is going to be awesome.  I can't wait to see the finished product.
 This morning was Christmas Club and I thought if I left the PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE sign up I might get lucky, but, alas, the ladies all wanted their blocks back....  This is one of the house blocks from O'Tannenbaum.....
 This is the second house from O'Tannenbaum....
 This is Annadele's door......!!!  In her defence she was away for two weeks!
 These are the blocks from Critter Christmas - hmmm, some are taking great liberties with the design......but that's allowed. 
If you've never done our $10.00 Christmas Club quilt you should come to one of the meetings and check it out!  They are loads of fun and it's great to see what the participants come up with each month.  They are so creative.....

I've got a class to prepare for this evening so I'm on my way home in a minute to get my creative juices flowing, and today's Christmas Club truly inspired that....There's also the "Tinners" group which we don't post any pictures of at this time.....when they are done possibly.

We've managed to wrangle another two participants in our 9 Patch Exchange, if you're interested and want to sign up, come in or give us a just need a bit of time, and an e-mail address!

Happy Quilting!


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