Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The first week......

2013 is here and things are happening at the "Doodle".  The first meeting of "Healing Heroes" (our Quilts of Valour Group) was held last Saturday - January 5th.  The group has been meeting here since September 2007 and in that time have sent 246 quilts to our armed forces.  Here below Peter and Pat are showing off an additional 4, ready to be packed up and sent.


On Sunday January 6th we had our first meeting of the "Barrie Girls" - okay at this point pretty much no-one is from Barrie so we can just refer to them as the Sunday Stitch 'n' Bitch group.  Gail showed off this really cute snowman she did from a kit that she had bought.

 Cathie showed this one off at the end of the day - her Florida Snowballs - which is from our free Snowball pattern.  She changed up the borders a little and made it her own.....It was on her UFO list.  I let her stay a little longer too, so she could finish up another one of her UFO's and now they are ready to go to the long arm quilter - Cathy Petrie.  Can't wait to see what she does with them, always come back amazing.
We've already had 3 Sit & Sews this month and the newsletter should be in your e-mail at any moment as I completed it yesterday.  Will send another e-mail to my "web guy" today to make sure he gets it out.  Tomorrow night is the first meeting of the Scrapaholics Club and it's filling up quickly.  We'll be tackling strips.....should be great fun!

My next job is tackling the Mystery Quilt for March and getting a couple of long awaited patterns written up so I can kit some fabric.  In the meantime - check out all the great classes coming up.....

Happy Quilting!


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