Friday, November 13, 2009

A Challenge and A CHALLENGE!

First I will share with you my challenge! Wednesday night was the monthly meeting of the Pieceful Nights Quilters' Guild and the members were faced with the "Past President's Challenge". Mitzi asked us to each bring in the ugliest fat quarter we had in our stash that we had ever bought. They were then put into a bag and we got to pull out our "challenge" fabric.......

This is mine! What to do with Abraham Lincoln......the challenge project is due in January so once they've all seen it.....I will share it with you! However, I will let you all in on a little secret! As fate would have it, the same day, while I was at a meeting downtown, somebody (my quilting angel no doubt) dropped by the store to leave me some fabric swatches very appropriate to this project........
Nancy has been a busy little bee getting stuff ready for the sale that starts on Sunday along with Sharon, Kathy, Mary, Barb and I. While we were hanging out on Friday night - Dale dropped by to drop off a whole stack (30) of Preemie Quilts for us to take down to Sick Kids Hospital......

She and her quilting group - Isabel, Pat, Liz, Lynn, Heather, Brenda, Joyce and Martine got together and whipped up some great little quilts which will be much appreciated at the hospital....... So, I'm putting out THE CHALLENGE!

Since we will not have time to deliver them until after the Sale which ends on Saturday the 21st of November - how many more PREEMIE QUILTS can we collect before the sale ends......?????

If you have them ready or can quickly make some up get them into the store by next Saturday.....let's see if we can double, no triple, no quadruple ........ that number.......For the instructions on how to make these Preemie Quilts go to

Happy Quilting!


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