Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm off again......

I would like to wish you all a safe holiday weekend!  I too, will be travelling this weekend albeit not out of choice.  I am driving to Paramus, New Jersey for my uncle's funeral which is on Sunday.  Jonathan and I are leaving tomorrow morning and will be heading back on Sunday afternoon.  A quick trip, but to be honest, I hate being on the road on holiday weekends so hopefully I will have avoided the long waits at the border by coming back on Sunday....we'll see!

Before I go I wanted to catch up with all the photos I haven't posted in the past few weeks because I was so busy working on that FABULOUS (forget all the mistakes and typos :-)) NEWSLETTER!

First, we must travel back in time to August 12th - when Chris brought in 3 fabulous projects.  The first one is absolutely gorgeous done with pale orientals -

The quilting on it is also gorgeous!

The second one is beautiful batiks - I envy her the know-how here!  I tend to have alot of trouble doing "scrap" quilts!  This one is stunning!

The third is black and whites which I absolutely love (I've been collecting them for 3 years for a secret project which I need to get started...)!  I think she may have inspired me....

Now we move to August 15th - when the "Private" Party has their monthly Sit & Sew - First, Gail finished a kit she bought when they were on their Alaskan Cruise........

Cathie is working on a star quilt which is coming together beautifully......

...and last but not least, is Gail's? or Donna's? (oops! I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it's Gail's) fish quilt.......It's gonna be another stunning quilt!

One of our customers brought in a lovely baby quilt!  The blocks are embroidered in the cutest Bunny patterns.

Here's one of the blocks - isn't it adorable?!?!

On the 21st Linda showed up for the Christmas Club (no meetings in the summer - so nobody missed anything!) and I coerced her into showing off all of her blocks so I could take pictures to share with Melinda (Bula) who wrote the book they are working from - Candy Cane Lane, and who will be teaching at the store on October 20th (better book your spot if you are interested - they are filling up quickly!).

She also shared some of her other work - Linda bought both of our fantastic Redwork Panels and has done some work on both - first, the Floral Redwork - she chose to use more than one colour in her embroidery and both blocks look great!

She also bought the Kids at Play Redwork - pictured below -

Look what she did with it!  Crayons and fabric paints and I think she is going to use 30's fabrics for the's so cool!

She also shared another Redwork Panel she has done with the same method - very industrious!

I spoke to Libby and she's got another couple of quilts done - can't wait to see them....she was actually quilting while I was talking to her, how cool is that!

Today has been kind of a Blah! day, packing and getting ready to go away tomorrow and just not feeling any motivation at all.  But, as always, my customers never cease to amaze, motivate and lift my spirits - Jenna came in today to show me her completed quilt!  A quilt that I helped her pick fabrics for and I have to say - IT IS AWESOME!

I can pick fabrics from Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler and that's where I stop!  I haven't yet had the courage to do a quilt - but - I think Jenna's quilt has truly inspired me (Oh no - not another project!  How many is that now????).  I will not be starting anything quite yet - there really is too much to do and finish but the idea is percolating and that's the important long as I sketch it out or get it on to EQ I'm good to go at a later date!

For this trip, because it's really just an overnight I am only taking a simple project, I will be sewing the binding onto the Fancy Fish and Pinwheels quilt which you will get to see once it's even has a label already!

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe!

Happy Quilting!


P.S. I almost forgot the most important thing!  Yesterday I received a call from
a lovely young lady who was in the store a few weeks ago.  She was in with her mother who came to shop.  They are from Holland.  This young lady works as a researcher at Sick Children's Hospital and I prevailed upon her to do us a HUGE favour.  I asked her to deliver the 55 Preemie Quilts we have been meaning to take down ourselves for the past few weeks.  The news is - the customers of Cock A Doodle Quilts have officially donated 55 Preemie Quilts to the N.I.C.U. at Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto.  So start making more ladies and gents so we can do it all over again!  By the way - they were thrilled to receive them!

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