Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am impressed!

Yesterday morning we very carefully took Chocolate Straw Beary off of "Gonzo" (Libby's long arm machine) and it came out fabulous!  We loaded up quilt #2 and two hours later - voila!  Another quilt top done!  Of course, now I'm behind because they have to be squared up and binding has to be made and put on but that's my plan for this morning.....

After lunch Libby decided to load yet another quilt - this one had already been spray basted awhile back but because I used the Sulky spray baste, most of it had dissipated so we decided to try "floating" the top - wow, is all I can say!  Gonzo is very accommodating.  She is also custom quilting this one - we really want to try as much as possible!  I know I seem to be obsessing about this whole process but you have to understand - Libby had the machine delivered in May - had 2 days of intense instruction and then went out to garden for 3 months!  What we have done in the past few days are her real "first" attempts at getting going and she has done a spectacular job.  She'll tell you it's Gonzo but let me be the one to clarify, he only does what you tell him (oh my, can I marry him!) and if "he" messes up, trust me, it's your fault!

In any event, I am not allowed to leave until we have another quilt "properly" loaded so I'm being held hostage until she completes the custom "floater" that she's working on now!  Could be very late before I get out of here tonight!  Oh well, it's not like I have nothing to do......

It's truly not a hardship staying longer, I love it out here!  Quiet, (except for the passenger train that goes by a few times a day), no major distractions and I tend to focus on my quilting projects.  Weekends at Libby's truly motivate me!  I always come away feeling I could quilt all day!  I think a trip out here once a month is a must - (well maybe not that often)!

Okay, back to business, I have to get another quilt squared off, make up the binding, mark a quilt, cut a "new" project, embellish some blocks and finish piecing it, make some more stems and much more!  ....and I'm going to do that all today!  Yeah right!  Like I said, I always bring too much, but you never know what you will feel like doing when you're on a retreat!  See you all soon!

Happy Quilting!


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