Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am so excited!

I am so excited and I can't tell you all why yet!  It is so hard to keep quiet but until I have finalized everything I have to keep my lips zipped!  Is that even humanly possible, I could maybe lose a few pounds.....of course, I could leave an opening big enough for a straw and just have milkshakes everyday!  Yeah right!

At any rate - it will all be revealed shortly!

In the meantime - SWEET TEA IS DONE!  Pieced, appliqued, quilted, labeled and bound!  I am so happy!  Tomorrow is the last class and my hard and determined work has paid off, it came out gorgeous, and the girls will get to see the finished project! ...and I remembered to bring over my "button" stash!  So it should be a fun day!

I am currently working on 5 projects!  What, only 5 you say!  There are plenty more where they came from but I think 5 at a time is my current limit!  I am busy designing an awesome quilt for which I am also writing a pattern.  I am finishing off the hand quilting on Ditch Flowers, a job I reserve for the porch, when I can sit and relax and just stitch.  I am piecing a quilt from the book Laps from Fats which is coming out awesome!  I am machine quilting a small wallhanging from Bubblegum Basics which is adorable! ....and last but not at all least, and this one I can blame on Barb!  I have "unearthed" a project I started in 2003 -  a Christmas Quilt with trees and houses and gingerbread men that is absolutely adorable!  

Barb is to blame because she wanted "christmas lights" to put on her Rudolph quilt.  When I started the Christmas Quilt in 2003, after getting a good portion of the piecing done, I got it in my head that I wanted to embellish it!  One Saturday morning near the end of November 2003, I called my girlfriend Sharyn and asked her if she wanted to drive to Buffalo with me for the day?!?  For what? she asked.  I need to buy buttons! said I!  I came back with a bag full of buttons and put them with the quilt having been completely inspired!  As usual, life happens, the quilt was put on hold while I went house hunting and now - seven years later it has resurfaced with all the embellishments ready to go!  I am seriously hoping it will be the focal point of our 2010 Christmas window but we'll just have to wait and see!

I better get back to quilting or nothing will get done!  I promise to keep you posted on my progress as well as what I'm so excited about!

Happy Quilting!


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Briarose said...

yeah, it's probably something else that will get me into trouble...Claire