Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We're always busy.....

We are all up to something at the store!  Let's see, Kathy is working on a sample for the store on fabric that will soon be in stock, Sharon is working on another great sample on one of our many fabulous patterns, Barb is working on a sample which she is really enjoying - NOT, and Nancy just finished this lovely little gift for me!  I love it - it's an original and she used the homespun as a background's hanging behind the cash and I'm sure she'll tell you how she did it!

On Monday I FINALLY put the binding on SWEET TEA!...and none too soon for me!  I will share some of the label steps here....

First I basted the area where I wanted the label placed on the back of the quilt (then placed it the wrong way....still works though!)

I then turned the quilt over (without checking direction of course - do as I say, not as I do!) and basted the label to the quilt.

It was then that I finished the you see the quilting is the first anchor for the label. 
After sewing on the binding, with a Pigma Pen, I wrote the information that is on the label onto the inside of the binding......I know, you might think it's a bit of overkill but when you take the time to piece, applique and put approximately 40 hours into quilting a quilt, then lovingly hand sew on the label, sleeve and binding - you want to be sure that it's identified as yours!
So I have been sitting on the porch (in this lovely weather!?!?) the last couple of evenings sewing on the's nice, a needed change!  I have also started quilting another UFO - a small wallhanging I did a while ago from the Bubblegum Basics line - it's coming along great!...and since I seem to have hit this amazing period of productivity, I have started piecing another quilt top......I have not as yet checked my temperature or anything (this seems so unlike me!)  I am actually focused on all three projects allowing almost equal time for all.

What was really cool this morning was, I was waiting for the coffee to finish brewing and managed to chain piece about 20 strips of the blocks I am making.....just because it was there and ready to go!  Of course, this only works because I have the Bernina ("Berni" - original name, eh!) set up on the dining room table).  I may just revisit the suggestion that I move my quilting studio upstairs!  Of course that would take time - time away from actual quilting, so for the moment, Berni in the dining room will do - and it's all Libby's fault because when I got back from Libby's about 3 weeks ago I never took Berni back down to her usual spot in the studio!

Speaking of Libby - it is also her fault that I now have a dilemma which I need some help with.  Because she made me go to quilt stores and twisted my arm until I bought a bunch of magazines I really didn't want!  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)  So I happened to mention to Barb and Fiona that I wanted to make a certain quilt, in one of those magazines!  Fiona dared me and Barb "double dog dared me"!  I mean honestly can you believe that - anyway, here's my dilemma!  The magazine is Quiltmania Issue 70, but the quilt is a 3 parter (don't you just hate that) so I need Quiltmania Issue 69, and Quiltmania Issue 71 to complete it!  If anyone has these two issues and is willing to part with them I would be very interested in obtaining them.  The upside is, I can't start the quilt without those two magazines!!!  Hmmmm, that may be a good thing!  But seriously, I really do love this quilt and even without the dare and double dog dare would love to do it!

Now that I've brought you all up to date - I am going home to quilt!

Happy Quilting Everyone!


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Nancy McCracken said...

Hi Jo-ann i probably have the Quiltmaina issues you need. Perhaps you will leave a message at my house and I'll look. Take care