Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breaking the silence!

I know that I constantly repeat myself when I say this - but time flies!  I say it as if you don't know!  It's hard for me to believe that it's been 9 days since my last blog.....but believe me they have been busy days.....

First, as many of you know, the newsletter has hit the internet and with that there has been a flurry of class sign-ups!  We have an amazing line-up of teachers and classes and we can't wait to get started.  Our year end is August 31st which is why absolutely NOTHING has arrived in the past few weeks but things will start moving right along some time next week when I start placing orders again.......

At the moment I am on "holidays" - I have "retreated" to Libby's again for a few days to quilt and play with "Gonzo".  Gonzo is Libby's long-arm machine whom she has named Speedy Gonzales, Gonzo for short.  We are having a great time, learning how to use Gonzo and have managed to finish one quilt top so far (not one of yours Liz, she wants to play?!?! with mine first in case we screw things up - ha, ha!).....with a few stops and starts!  We haven't taken it off the rollers yet - we'll do that this morning so we can get used to the way he loads up but this machine is truly "state of the art" and I know with some practice Libby will be pumping out quilt tops.  This one came out fabulous!

I would send you pictures BUT in my haste to get out of town on Thursday night I left my camera on the kitchen counter at home and Libby sent her camera up to the cottage with Lorenso to show the "boys" all the great pics of the house and all the improvements.....

Suffice it to say we are getting loads done - girls weekend (we miss you Suzie!??!).  I finally got the binding on Ditch Flowers - it should be hanging in the store some time next week!  However, Libby is lusting after Ditch Flowers so I have to make sure to check my bags before I leave!  Of course I brought loads of stuff to work on, way too much but I do have plans to get lots done!

On that note I will go back to quilting!

Happy Quilting!


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